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Originally Posted by Tyrax Lightning View Post
Destroy 5 Bosses is typically ludicrously easy. The rest of them... do ya think we're all Sun Tzu!? O_0 We aren't all tactical gods... I'll never stand a chance at this game with those kinda objectives being in the game & being game over to fail...
The basic goal in DC was 'protect the town', or specifically, 'protect the main leaders of the town'. That was enough to create incredible tension, and it was certainly doable -- sometimes. Sometimes circumstances made it impossible, but you gave it your best shot and perhaps you even won against all odds. This kind of randomness made DC very re-playable.

Drox has a huge latent advantage in that there isn't one set of goals - there are potentially many. This means it supports much more variety. But these goals have to be fail conditions or they aren't real goals. As an aside, I would only expect 1 or 2 (or maximum 3) to be active at any one time.

Imagine this scenario: you arrive at a galaxy. Initially, you have no goals from Drox command. So right now, you just wander around, trying to learn as much about your surroundings as possible. You meet the humans and the Shadow, start doing a few quests for them, when suddenly, the Drox reveal their goal for this sector: make sure the Brunt win (which means they either remain the only race or they are allied with every other race and are sufficiently powerful to survive). You haven't even met the Brunt yet! Now it's a race through multiple star systems to find the Brunt. You scout as much as you can, but simply cannot locate them. Out of desperation, you check on the humans. Turns out they've met the Brunt and have their contact information, but they want an arm and a leg for it. Since it's essential that you find the Brunt, you pay up. You now realize that the Brunt are the smallest, most hated race in the sector, and that they're being picked on by the Lithosoids, the bully of the sector. You consider your options. You're not going to help the Brunt beat the Lithosoids right away, but if you help them make treaties with some of their enemies, you might be able to get the Lithosoids to reconsider their war. In the meantime, it's worthwhile finding and stealing some tech for the Brunt to help them have some kind of advantage, in case the Lithosoid won't stop their onslaught.

After much plotting and fighting against the Lithosoid, you get a message that a rebellion has occurred in the Brunt worlds, causing them to be summarily controlled and then destroyed by robots. You got too caught up in the fight against the Lithosoid and lost sight of the discontent brewing on too many Brunt planets. You failed, but you got a really cool, extremely tense story out of it, and you've learned something for next time.

This is the kind of experience that was commonplace with DC, except with Drox it can be much richer, if the right goals are emphasized.

Building on the concept of goals, think about the possibilities with regard to multiplayer. DC was limited to players with the same goal of saving the town. In Drox, imagine a sector with 5 players, each with possibly different and conflicting goals. You know that somewhere in the sector, your friends are moving things in the direction possibly exactly opposite to yours. So when you get a message that 'someone made the Humans dislike the Shadow' you know that could actually be another Drox agent working in the background. This multiplayer mode would of course require more work and is not part of my suggestion, but it's the kind of thing that becomes possible once you take the gameplay in DC and extend it, the way Drox has the potential to do.
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