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DyingCrow, the Scavengers may be a bit more powerful than other standard races, but in my experience they do better because they are expanding more recklessly, and getting into fewer wars. They are absolutely no match for T/O/L at higher levels. You have not seen a scary Empire until you allow T/O/L to become a starting race in a level 50+ sector.

Velox, keep improving your ships, and you will come to the point where you will be able to keep your friends healthy even at high levels... as long as you have no more than two friends, they are sharing the same systems, and the sector is no bigger than small.

Three allies, different corners of the sector, or more systems, and it becomes extremely hard unless you have maintained the galaxy free of T/O/L and Ancients, have consistently brokered alliances between those who play well with others (Dryads, Drakk, Lithosoids, Scavengers, Asexuals, etc..) and have always suppressed those that do not (Shadow, Brunt, Pirates, Xenophobia, etc...)

But right now, I am playing in my 'wild' galaxy - one that I used to unlock all the subraces, and one in which every strain of T/O/L and Ancient is loose. I usually spend three-four hours after the sector is won to wipe out the T/O/L and Ancients, and I do not always succeed in keeping even one standard (sub)race alive with my hardcore Command Zero ship. It's still fun, if you like to feel like a bit player, but I absolutely agree that Drox would be a better game with some balance changes.
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