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Originally Posted by Oblivion View Post
2)Insidious Poison, the damage it deals is so very low(At rank 5 its 2.8 dps for 10 seconds which is 28 damage) and it only applies on hits with skills so using a faster weapon and use left click attacks aren't even a viable strategy.

Viper Venom, same as above really, its damage isn't too great.
I did some rough math and if Insiduous starts at 0.1 DPS and incrementally increases DPS by 0.1 more each level (0.2 DPS at level 2, 0.4 DPS at level 3, 0.7 DPS at level 4 etc), by level 20 it will be doing a (not so) whopping 19.1 DPS....

On that note, it would be great if the skills and their formula for increase was available publicly.
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