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I'm having huge problems getting a riposte build to work.

In theory at some point riposte will be very powerful, but I can't get there - DoT maps ruin me.

Shield bash is necessary for this build otherwise I can't touch frost nova or equivalent boss mobs (I can't out-DPS them).

I'm forced to take zombie resist gear because I'm melee, meaning my other resists are low.

Acid destroys me. Sometimes I can't dodge it for example if it's behind a pillar and I can't see it, or there is a fire thrower nearby next to acid.

Quake Strike drops rocks on me in dungeons and reduces my mobility. It knocks mobs an incredibly long way away which I'm sure will be great at level 30+ when I have used multistrike to put gut on everything, but is pure torture at 11 when I have to chase mobs down and excite even more fire throwers/acid towers/liches - not to mention the awful, awful damage. This skill is ok in theory but melee characters don't have trouble with melee mobs - it's ranged mobs that are the issue. If this was a 'vacuum strike' that sucked enemies *towards* you it would be way better.

Fire throwers are ridiculous. If I'm too far away, I'm going to get hit and take masses of damage from my low fire resist. I'm fine with fire throwers in isolation, but as soon as there is more than one, ouch. I can't even run to the 2nd one because then I will run out of stamina...

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