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I finally got to check my list on my other computer to find the last 'issues' with the game. First, sometimes a marker isn't added to the full map when you get a rumor for a monsters location. Second, It would be really nice if potion effects persisted when you log out. I played the game in a 9 hour run and had like 2-3 crashes. It's just really annoying when potion effects get wasted (especially magic find potions) from a crash.

One last thing. I finally checked the death recap for my level 100 character. I'm 99% confident that a damage bug happened to kill me off. Instead of dying to lightning (which actually did like 2 damage to me), I know that a massive AoE spell was cast on me and that killed me instead. I missed it because it happened so fast after the lightning and because there was no animation. I think it was the nearby Illusionist that cast the spell, but I can't be sure. Anyway, rather than focus on if there is a potential damage bug, it would be nice if one can get a message saying what kills you and how much you were hit for (even just for debugging purposes since I'm really confident that there are a lot of wonky one-shot bugs in the game right now, even more than just the ones pointed out by Tuidjy recently).

With that, I end my feedback for the game (unless the damage debug thing happens and I can point out a weird 1-shots). Thanks for the fun conversations everybody. I'll be back after release, unless the game is so amazing that I don't need to say anything! (very likely!)

Edit: I lied. Here is more feedback. I didn't expect to be playing another character until release, but this game is too addicting to me.

Feedback about difficulty modifiers:
- When loner or family is selected, toggle off the other option. (Reason: When you have both, you start with clan members, which goes against the entire purpose of 'loner')
- Give a score multiplier for family/loner.
- Would be nice to have 'harder monsters' as a difficulty option. (More damage, health, harder mods, etc.)
- Diable use of waypoints with the Lost difficulty modifier.

Misc Feedback:
- Nerf Pain Delay.
- Make it so that relogging doesn't refresh cds or remove buffs/debuffs.
- Most leech tooltips need fixed still. (Evil Pool version for mana/life and Life Leech ability (maybe Mana Leech should be checked too)
- Monsters summoned with turret siege waves attack the turrets.
- Make it possible to loot items that are pushed way off of the screen. Currently, you attempt to move to the location of the item's tooltip, rather than the item when it's very far away.
- Reduce item tooltip jitter during earthquakes. (If possible)
- Holy Fire is bugged when NPCs cast it. There is no animation or damage.

Edit 2: Even more feedback

- When you kick a person out of your clan, any quests relating to them will be completed. (Kidnapped, cure curse/blight, etc.). You can go to higher level areas and kick people out of your clan repeatedly to amass large amounts of experience. (700-12k experience per quest, which is nuts).
- Clear scavanger buffs when you die.
- (Maybe suggestions *shrug*) If you already have a 'win', don't show lose time, even if you lose hearthstone/clan members. Perhaps, instead, show 'win time' and force a victory after the 'win time' expires.
- (Maybe) Perhaps put levels on relics? I say maybe because, perhaps it's pointless to try to balance non-hardcore and non-loner.
- Also, small bug, tower guards can spawn underground. (Other guards have spawned underground in the past, but I have no picture.)

Edit 3: Yup, more.

Gonna describe two bugs here. First, the ambush bug:

So, basically, whenever you get ambushed in the game, sometimes it procs multiple ambushes at once. I don't know what determines how many ambushes occur, or why it happens, but multiple ambushes can occur at once. The video demonstrates this on a modded version of the game where monster rarities are set to be above normal by default. In the modded version, it's easy to force this issue to occur with orcs. However, in the vanilla game, the ambush bug is rather rare. Regardless, it's a bug that can cause completely unfair deaths due to masses of monsters spawning on top of you.

I'd also like to note that Sand Amorph always spawn full sized sand amorphs upon death in the modded version of the game. This leads to them duplicating infinitely.

Next, the Crash Bug -

The video is straightforward. On my character xX_Nub_Xx, I can't play for 5 minutes without a crash. It's actually unplayable. I can speculate on why this happens (areas aren't loading fast enough, using menus quickly causes the game to bug out, etc.), but I don't have a definiate explanation.

I have uploaded my 'modded version of the game' file and my 'user' folder to mediafire so that they can be downloaded and additional testing can be conducted if needed. Here are the download links: Mod = / User Folder =

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