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Question How to change the ridiculousness of orcs?

The "ambush" and taunt stacks are ridiculous.
The amubush is just an excuse for summon more enemies with no requirement.
The orc nemesis been run like an idiot with tokyo drift cornering.
While you,
been chase like a handicapped because the freaking stamina.
And he taunt you because apperently that count as (player ran).

Also the "taunt", that enemy skill applies a debuff on you.
How can the taunt be stacked like that?
The player just handicapped even more because of taunt stack to, like 4 or 5 stacks.

And while you chasing the tokyo drifting orcs and deal with there paratrooper,The town burns and your clans are whining for not enough emotional supports.

Please tell me there's a way to fix this.
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