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Default Feedback and ideas

Hey Guys!

I've been a fan of Soldak's game for a while and I played them all but Drox Op (and it seems I am missing something, but oh well, got Zombasite instead).

Here are a few things that are already in the game that I, personally, believe need some tweaking:

1.Items and their stats: While playing the game, you find so many items you believe it is Christmas, but they are not really good in 99% of the case which is a bit sad. For example, first game I played of Zombasite, it took me about 5 minutes to get a full set of common green and yellow gear for my character aside from jewelry. After that, all the items I found weren't upgrades at all until about an hour later where I found better yellow and green items. Between those two steps, I found set items and even an orange (unique?) item that weren't upgrades to my current inventory... I feel this game lacks an item progression/balance that other games such has diablo has.

2.Skill and character stats: By the time I beat the first area, I was about level 15-16. I may have misbuilt my character, as I am not a min-maxing monster when I play RPGs, but I noticed that I didn't feel like a God among men when I returned to zones with level 6-7 monsters. Sure, I didn't feel threatened, but they weren't exactly easy to kill like you would expect for a monster that is half your level or less. Maybe it is me and my bad build or maybe it is a design decision that you should never be a one man army even against low level monsters, but yeah, I just wanted to point it out.

3.What is the point of recruiting people to your village? I tend to play on the good side and try to save as many people as possible in games where you are surviving something like a zombie apocalypse. In this game, I noticed that saving as many people as possible is just stupid. Not only do they do not bring anything to the table, but they also make the game harder as you need a ludicrous amount of food to keep them happy. Right now, it is better to try and find only the best, high level NPCs and recruit only a handful of them for your own use, like items, instead of of trying to build an actual village. Kinda sad, unless I am missing an important feature?

Now here are a few ideas that I believe would make the game even more awesome than it already is:

1.Actually building a village:
It would be fun if in the beginning, you'd have only a few huts (or even nothing at all) and had to spend cash and/or resources to build and upgrades buildings. It would give a sense of improvement and slow down the amount of people you can hire/save to your village. Add a population cap that can be increased by amount/quality of housing. On top of that, I saw skills like weaving, blacksmithing, healing and so on that had no combat property. It would be fun to be able to build an hospital/infirmary and assign a skilled NPC there to get greater bonuses or even to get access to that bonus at all. A blacksmith could slowly forge items, a farmer could bring a slow constant supply of food and so on... Think of the game Hinterland if you wish for this idea. Eventually, your village could turn into a hamlet, then maybe a small city! I know it is resources heavy, but this idea would make the game awesome in my opinion.

Obviously, I saw that some people already have come up with this idea, so I'll keep it short. Crafting items either with other items, resources or money would be cool. Instead of farming endlessly to get a small helm upgrade, being able to create exactly or a randomized version of what you want would be awesome.

3.More options to interact with NPCs:
Instead of only being able to send them to hunt/forage every hour, why not send them on actual expeditions like the other clans you sometime encounter in the wild do? Instead of having a random quest to save that one random dumbass that got out of the village for who knows why, you could get a warning saying the expedition party has found something they can't defeat and need your help! Would make more sense! You could also add the option to send a party out to find equipment for the village which would help you equip everyone with at least better gear than gray stuff. Also, I see there is a relationship thing between NPCs, but I honestly see no use to it. After a few hours of gameplay, they were for the most part still between 40 to 60 relationship with each other. Maybe add stuff like confrontation/love/marriage and what not if only for storyline more than player actions. It would make for a better NPC system than how I currently see them: literally fighting pets.

The current diplomacy system is awesome and can be kept the way it is without any issues, but I would add a few more options. In my current game, I had a pretty nice clan that kept getting raided by a very aggressive, much larger clan and eventually, even with my help, they got defeated. Sure, they weren't very useful so it didn't affect me much, but it would be cool to be able to go beyond the alliance and maybe invite them over to your place and recruit them. "Oh, you only have 2 members left? Shit is going down the drain? Why don't you come over to my place? We got food, shelter and that other clan will not touch you anymore." Of course, this option should be balanced so it only works on dying clans with good relationship with you.

Anyhow, I'll keep playing and bring ideas to the table as I find some more. Sorry if I repeated some ideas others have said.

Thank you for reading!
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