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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
The only things that have a min and max that you can change are the damage affixes. Everything does automatically have a 20% range. You can add more affixes though to basically do what you want.
Yes, I've noticed after a few hours of trying things out but found a way to do it! Make 3 "rarities" of each stat, i made my vitality have normal vit, (1 base, 0.3 per lvl), made tier 1 vit, (5 base, 0.4 per lvl), tier 2 vit (10 base, 0.5 per lvl) and tier 3 vit (15 base, 0.6 per lvl)

I've also tinkered around and made 2 new bags, one artifact and the a legendary rarity, that way I made some "randomness" in bags as in it's gonna be hard to fill all spaces with legendary bags!

Also i've copied from somewhere here on forums a way to put random affixes on unique items like sets and legendaries so i'm pretty happy currently.

I'll ask again in case I stop and can't find a way to do something!

Edit: you said that all stats have a range of 20%, can that be modified?

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