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With the content and timing between 1.004, .005, .006 and .007, I didn't think there would be many big buffs/changes still coming to the game (I mean, 1.006 was just 6 lines!). I felt that the game was really winding down until the next expansion, so seeing some of these changes was really surprising.

The infinite loop bugfix surprised me simply because I'm surprised I never encountered that bug. And, it made me ponder whether or not I've ever seen a monster get promoted past level 100...

The mana potion buff was surprising since it's a major buff for loner characters that don't want to play cheesily (aka force spawning vendors with area refreshes).

Double crafting rewards was surprising since I've always felt that quest rewards were practically set in stone. It's nice to see something that may incentivize me to not go for military wins all the time. (And maybe play with fewer clans on the map.)

The potion numbering change was surprising simply because it's an art change. I just never saw it coming. And, it's way cooler in game then I could have ever known beforehand.

And last, being able to mod whether players can be infected or not, is coincidentally a setting that I wanted to change a while ago for my modded version since the stronger mobs infect me way too much. Though, it's not necessary anymore.

Welp, those are my honest and probably not very exciting thoughts on the changes.
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