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*New stuff*
Also, are we supposed to get multiple statues of ourselves built in our honor? I have two right now. If so they should all have different poses to make it more interesting. (Nyithra)
Town attack quests seem to be unsolvable quite a lot, sometimes it'll spawn a few of the creatures specified and you can even find their gate and break it, but the quests are rarely solvable. Other times they won't spawn at all or you'll just find one or two hanging out around the town perimeter. (Etto)
Missing NPC (Mandark)
So my NPC companion seems to be missing. I had equipped items on her in my single player game. Then I played some multiplayer for a while (in someone elses game). Then went back to single player and no where to be found. Proceeded to create new maps in hopes of finding her but no luck. Happened before too. Kind of sucks and discourages me from investing anything in to them.
I realize that the companions are probably not the priority at this point but I might suggest taking a look to see if there is a more reliable way to keep them around when the game is stable.
you can use lock pick on spider webs? (Karol13)
i was playing a game where my arch nemesis was and they randomly died without me ever seeing them and the game told me i got a reward chest when i never got a reward chest (
next step in playtestFull - auto win scenario here and there and move to next
could do a full stress test mode that goes through all levels and does playtest, monsters, quests, and changes
worlds often
should randomly use usable objects instead of dropping them
build skill item modifiers like did skill mutations?
randomly generate monster/item uniques from a file that contains name, base, level, database name,
main enhancement/enchantment?
mutated renegades with 1 main skill & 2 skill mutations and maybe other mutations?
reaper has a skill that gives like 5(+2 per level) health per kill, does anyone else think it should have some scaling based on character level or total hp (
there is some weird sound issue with statues, like the game mutes sfx when you hit them (
recruiting someone to your party and then making a new world shouldnt just add a clan member thats a ticking timebomb of anger (
fix character export
can I change shadows to be during light pass instead of own pass - should be faster, also might look better (work
better with normal mapping)
npcs come to town with quests?
focus more on rewarding player?
achievements, fireworks, better chests (or more for reward purposes)
big reward chest for 25, 50, 75, and 100?
reward chest for each achievement?
that can be cheated easily by deleting global files
special world events like did in Drox? blood moon, solar eclipse, sand storms, major storms,
update Steam SDK?
does Zombasite to DL character fully work? make official feature?
will it work with DC?
change world modifiers to a status effect type on thing and add below are name on game and map screens?
basically change text to centered icons
add a border for world world mofifiers
could even have clan icon if they are based in level
when fight off a town/siege attack each NPC launches a firework for next couple minutes? (if no other attacks happening)
turn up item rarities a little?
bigger center print? fades in? does it fade out? expand so can get more than one, how long it stays depends on length
unique could attack an ally clan & then taunt you about it
option to hide unused skills?
Killed my opponent in a duel almost immediately after spawning (it spawned next to me), but win not triggered (Dragonface)
got a dungeon just full of water blocks (BeepBeep)
if a house goes across a level boundary the height of one wall will be wrong (not sure matters enough to fix since it would be complicated)
campfires should heal everyone nearby?
I think this has been a problem since launch but NPCs/vendors are really suicidal. Like when they are at low health they will run into battle and die when they could easily run away to survive. Could be good to have them just run away once they get to 10% health or something rather than autolocking on enemies. (Nyithra)
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