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*New stuff*
  • fix player clan gate on gate map
  • gaseous form is still overpowered (Destro*)
  • there aren't enough good sources of elemental/arcane resistance that can be acquired on the skill tree (Destro*)
  • fireworks boost happiness for the townspeople? (Dragonface)
    maybe a large aura, rare to trigger but effect lasts a while
  • In each scenario where there is a bulletin board it shows texture of character model
  • I had a 'kill your nemesis' win condition. However a couple of minutes into the scenario something other than me killed my
    nemesis. This caused me to fail the scenario, even though the loss conditions were not met (loss of steward, apothecary &
    warmaster). I have no doubt you have set up a failsafe (error handling? exception handling? Code is rusty...) so that
    situations where neither condition is met and the scenario cannot be completed result in a loss. Can I suggest you change
    this to default to a win, for the player's sake. (Throwback)
  • Acid is still one of the game's worst mechanics. It damages armour, thus penalizing melee (which is probably fine given
    how strong melee is this time round). However, what makes it really bad is that it's *invisible* under a lot of ground
    cover. I don't know if you will have to recode things significantly, but damn this is an infuriating 'quirk' that could
    use a fix. I assume it's hard to do since it was also a significant issue in zombasite. This is absolutely a 'pain
    point' and I think it's worth doing the work. (Throwback)
  • For the next patch, unless already fixed, would you please have the Town's people heal themselves at the healing alter/stone? I think it's silly for the Town's People to run around town with half the health when there is a healing stone not to far away. (rainbow)
    make them more likely to do activities when not full health - more likely to go near healthstone
  • I just had a Town Protector scenario where as soon as I spawned into the new world, I instantly won the map. Kinda odd. (Carnage)
  • Happiness: Give us a way to modify/improve it or just remove it altogether. It's exceptionally frustrating to have to hope and pray you get a useful NPC with "Hates Zombies" or "Hates Dogs" to keep that happiness up because we don't have realistic ways of managing it. (KafkaExMachina)
  • other clan gate blue on minimap and red on world map
  • Sometimes Armor of Faith skill didn't activate the mutation (stone skin). (Varkon)
  • Sometimes a dungeon is not quite in the right area. It will be in the next area, instead of the area mentioned in quest list. (Varkon)
  • Sometimes when I start a new area, my party member will not be in my party anymore and when I find him/her, I cannot make them rejoin party. (Varkon)
  • I'm still getting an instant victory on occasion. I noticed it with Raiders challenge for sure. (Varkon)
  • I saved and quit a game at the start of a Gladiator challenge, but when I reloaded save, no monsters showed up the whole time. (Varkon)
  • All the summons that only last 60 seconds should be permanent like the skeletons etc. or at least longer than a minute. (Varkon)
  • In multiplayer, there should be a way to link an item in chat so others can see that epic loot you got. (Varkon)
  • Death Rune skill is still too long a reuse time, should be 1 second like the other AOE spells. (Varkon)
  • Made a new character , just to be sure to get all the new things. (lbhgaming)
    Upon creating a new world , it crashed to desktop. Edit : Working on the second go , though.
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