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Default Wall + Video

Hey, Destro* here making one more feedback post before I 'disappear' into the void until release. Sorry if the double post isn't allowed, but, well, it's been 4 days so I imagine it should be fine by now? O.o. Well, here we go anyway.

So, I understand that this game is kind of a 'casual' game, and meant to be laid-back/relaxing. But, I always try to play games with the most 'hardcore' mindset possible, mostly due to my background with competitive multiplayer online games (LoL, PoE, D3, etc.). With that in mind, I hope that this post can also have some positive influence on the game and perhaps give any newbies having trouble with the game (if there are any(?)) some tips on how to beat HC easily. Here is a video with a run down of my Blackguard Archer that I used to get to level 100 on hardcore.

Skip to 18:20 to get past the game play review and into my feedback. (If you don't want to see my game play).

TLDW + other stuff:

Op Skills/Traits:

Point Blank: Free 100% damage for 5 skill points at only 50 dex.
Pain Delay: Immunity to 1-shots, able to react to every source of damage easily.
Hardiness: Makes the early-mid game super easy. Perhaps nerf potion effectiveness when one has this ability.
Lightning Arrow: Synergies extremely well with multi-projectiles for single target perma-stun. T1 damage scaling.
Scavanger: Fun with no real penalty. Perhaps should have a stronger penalty.
Plague Touch: -45% hp from one attack... nuff said.

Game Mechanics - Ranged vs. Melee:
- Multiple Projectiles make ranged far superior to melee. You get multiple rolls on procs per attack, more damage, and more everything. I will need to play a serious level 100 melee character to get a more objective view on this though.
- Cast time/using weapon attack speed could make melee skills competitive with ranged abilities. For example, feeding strike. Could also make mana consumption more important.

Tooltips / Information:
- Many tooltips aren't clear about how the damage for a skill works. Lightning arrow and explosive arrow are explained in the video. For lightning arrow, is it 100% lightning? 100% physical? Or a mix. Do the explosions for explosive arrow do weapon damage? etc.
- Many monster tooltips like 'major leader', 'major terror', etc. don't have descriptions. I don't know what they do.
- Would be nice to see total combat experience in stats display in-game or when exporting character stats.

Other / too lazy to sort these out I guess:
- Add area level to tooltip on area tooltip above map too! (please )
- Doors are super buggy and need a massive rework. (0 to infinity doors spawn, doors can acquire buffs that last forever, etc.).
- Shapeshifting as a druid can cause the player's character model and weapon effect to bug out. The weapon effect will sometimes trail underneath you in reverse. And, shapeshifting multiple times causes your appearance to revert to normal, but you will still have the shiftshifting state (can't use skills + buffs).
- Damage seems bugged on some melee abilities (like Gladiator's Berserk). But, I could be wrong here.
- Making it so that all monsters spawning as Demigods causes ambushes to occur infinitely (until your game crashes) and things like sand amorphs spawn at max size.
- Maybe increase ring/jewelery/necklace drops rates slightly.
- Maybe increase spawn rate of 'greater' areas. (Still have yet to see even one among all of the characters that I have played.)
- Wishing wells+alters that fix durability are too common.
- Buff turrets/minions. I didn't use them at all because they suck. They generally can't repel even one leut. tier monster. I can understand the value they have at stalling, but they are just so bad.

I guess that covers most things. I could be wrong on some things, and probably am. But, this video covers my experience with the game as it is right now. I think that misconceptions and incorrect information are a useful form of feedback in their own right. I'm going to play with a melee char and spell caster next (I want to test out cast speed!).

Oh, and I guess I could point out here at the end that I now realize that Dark Templar can use multiple of their buffs at once. (Didn't expect that!)

Edit: Another small suggestion, when a clan asks for help, they should temporarily let you use their teleporter. I have one other suggestion on my other computer that I can't remember right now, and I can't get to it! Ahhh, frustrating, I'll edit it in later today.

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