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Hats off for improving the UI bit by bit. I still think there can be some more uses for right click. Sorry if this is off topic, but for the short story skip to the last paragraph..

I loved the game Seven Kingdoms 2, basically it was "RTS Civilization", and it had a nice use of right click. One example: Each town had a loyality that normally should go up over time (if you managed things right), but you needed to collect tax to instantly get money from these towns. And whenever you did, loyality would go down by 10, but you had to be careful, since if loyality got to 30 or below, riots usually would start.

So the game had an option to auto collect tax, but instead of left clicking on the "instantly collect some tax" icon, you would right click on it. Then it would show loyality numbers 40,50,60,70,80,90,100 as options. If you left clicked on one of them, it would only set the specific town to auto collect tax when loyality went up to this number (setting it to 40 or 50 could be risky, if other little things happen..). But, one more time again.. when you right clicked on one of them, that auto collect tax at given loyality would apply to every town you have currently, and any future town you settle or acquire. It also had a donate money icon that raised loyality by 10, that worked the same way, with the same right click usability to prevent riots to all towns you didn't have time to look over.

LONG story short
, one way this can be used for this game, is when setting the focus for clan members, to especially use during desperately bad food situations(especially in MP without pause), whether low on it or have a poisoned food supply... you can set everyone else to "rest & relaxation" by setting one member to it by right clicking that certain focus, instead of normal left click.
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