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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
I got a quest for a boss creature blocking one of my gates. How does that quest work? I found the gate in the dungeon and I clicked on it from within the dungeon level, and it still told me the Big Wampir Dude was blocking it. But he was nowhere around the gate! Do I have to go finding him elsewhere?

2nd question: does regular fire scale with levels? Lighting some crates on fire is usually bad news for monsters, but my skeletons just exploded as soon as the fire touched them. No wonder since they received heaps of 20-30 hit point 'blows' from the fire. I'm a level 22 necromancer.
I'll take a shot at these.

1) I have found them right at the gate, near the gate area, and one time I had to de-stealth to trigger a stalking brood ambush to clear it. If you search the whole level there are two possibilities. Either save&exit then reload, or check the logs to make certain that that creature didn't get sent to another level or something. Like when so-and-so sends so-and-so to another level.

2)I would say that it is random, but at higher levels some fires will kill you in seocnds and that is with a character that has 1200 health.
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