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Default Quick thoughts on Escort (Fight With) mission

Had my first Fight With mission just now. I failed the mission, even with crowd control (Smokescreen). Just want to say a few things regarding that. Firstly, you should be able to tell the NPC to wait, as you could in DoP. Otherwise, they just end up running all over the place. I know the guy's a fledgling hero and wants to prove himself someday, but jeesh, taking on 7 Furys and 6 Dark Elf Priests is...hardcore . And I had a crowd control skill too! I can't imagine what it'd be like if i didn't have Smokescreen to at least slow down the onslaught. The guy also kept drawing aggro on to me, which was really starting to irritate me as I couldn't go Stealth. Seriously, a part of me wanted to just bring down the sword on his head.

Secondly, this is more of a nitpick than anything else, and I also know it's an engine limitation, but is there any way to simulate an ongoing battle when I'm not in that area? I left my escort surrounded by the Furys and Dark Elves when I died and was teleported back to town. He didn't lose any health, so I took my own sweet time, selling items, checking out the vendors etc. If there's a way to simulate the ongoing battle (since I'm sure he wouldn't last more than 2 seconds in that battle), it'd be a lot more intense and the illusion of an ongoing world where things happen simultaneously even if you're elsewhere wouldn't be broken that easily. But as I said, this is more a nitpick, since this has been a limitation in DoP as well, and it's not really a game breaking deal.

But yeah, the first point definitely has to be looked into. I can understand how lower level characters should be able to breeze through such a mission, but at higher levels, it's really nasty trying to babysit a hyperactive fellow. I used 3 potions on that guy, so I was more annoyed than saddened when he died lol.
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