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Originally Posted by fiesher View Post
I played my Necromancer after patching to 1.015 and started leveling in a multi-player town. In the one and a half hours that I played, my minions (Skeletons) inexplicably vanished randomly, leaving me defenseless.

It was quite irritating, not to mention downright fatal for my hardcore character, as the disappearance act can happen anytime (once, they vanished as I ported into a level gate, almost killing me.) The only clue you get is that their names and stats no longer show on the left of the screen.

It is also time-consuming to re-summon all the skeletons again (especially the rare Elites and Champions).

Is it a new 1.015 bug? Anyone else with this?
I noticed this with my Raise Dead summoned monsters in 1.014. I didn't mention it because it always happened during fights, but I did find it odd that my fully leveled up Scavengers would occasionally disappear. I thought they just ran into a monster, but now that you've mentioned this, this does make me think my Scavengers were not actually dying but disappearing.
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