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Default Episode 20: Unicorn-Girlís Exit Interview

Interviewer: Did you really think you were going to win the Chimera Undone Immunity Challenge by following Gorm? How did you plan to beat him?

Amber: Did you see my goat? He wasnít very helpful in leading the way. Kailenís lion made me feel skittish, and that left Gormís snake. Yes, I know I hate snakes but I didnít have to hold it. At least it was indicating direction.

Interviewer: Since viewers chose to keep Kailen on the island, do you think heís more popular than you?

Amber: Thatís a hard question because you could even ask if fairies are more popular than unicorns. I think it had more to do with how weíve done in the challenges. Despite his size, Kailen is a good competitor. Iíve had a hard time finding my stride.

Interviewer: Is there anything you would have done differently?

Amber: I probably could have tried harder, but I donít know that would have kept me in the game. You canít really look back and figure out a better plan because you never know how different actions wouldíve turned out. You could make things worse and leave even sooner!

Interviewer: Who would you like to win the game, and who donít you want to win?

Amber: Kailen and Gorm are nice enough people, but I think Iíd like Dedrick to win.

Interviewer: Someone is going back on the show and you are one of four still in the running. Would you like another chance on the island?

Amber: Oh definitely. I did pretty well until Capture the Flag. I think I can go a long way more if given the chance. I had a good time on the island, aside from all of the snake challenges that is.

Interviewer: Several people have died on the show. Do you worry about dying?

Amber: Iíve had to live with death most of my life since unicorn hunters kill my kind for our horns. Iím as safe on the island as anywhere. I donít think about it much, though I do miss friends.
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