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Default [0.818] [Bugreport] - XP mismatch between quest dialogue and floating text.

Something i only noticed just now. When completing a quest through the relations screen, the screen will state how much Exp is gained for solving the quest. After completing the quest, some floating text will display the EXP and REP gain as well.

It seems that these gains don't match. For example:
  • I did a higher-level quest that awarded about ~50k XP. The floating text however stated about ~20k.
  • Another quest (Destroy a planet) stated ~22k in the quest dialogue, whereas the floating text states ~15k.
From what i can tell the quest dialogues higher exp number is correct and is actually also what is awarded to the player. I suspect that the floating text does not take the bonus exp for higher-level quests into account and just displays the base value for the quest.
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