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Originally Posted by Kruztee View Post
Yeah, I understand what you're saying but am inclined to disagree with your opinion.

3) I enjoy lots of loot drops. I find that when I'm playing meticulously and carefully comparing equipped items with drops, I enjoy much greater success than when I'm just feeling lazy and am running through a level without bothering to pick up much vendor trash. Less drops would be less fun in my opinion. Even though I know that 98% of what I pick up is going to be utter rubbish, I quite enjoy rummaging through my loot for that elusive find.

I guess if I were you I would start by applying the rare magic items mod (or a variant of it) and then on top of that, create a new items class for something like "super elite" items. Define how many and what kind of mods will appear on these weapons and take things from there.
Lots of general drops are ok, but the system as it is is just too "plain" , i'm saying it's just pointless to have some items defined "rare" and "very rare" when you can find one or more, every two minutes, almost dropped from any insignificant critter out there and often damn weak too. It just removes from the game the emotion to drop really rare and special stuff, when u see yellow u dont cheer ! That's what i mean !
And i dont think applying a mod would satisfy me, i think it's just a minor tweek that must be absolutely applied in the core game release, but, well, that's just me..
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