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Originally Posted by svetlano View Post
I see some minor aspect i would change though: like, for example the drop rate and quality of rare and very rare items.
I feel like they are dropping too mutch and their quality it's just average and very often it happens that i prefer to stick with green stuff.
I'd reduce the drop rate of those and make them stronger, more diversified, particular, and for example with some visual improvements like glowing , shadowing sparkling and so on, so when it happens you drop one, you really feel you got a beast of a item.
I've been experimenting with mods, and you might be interested in these. The first is a less drastic version of Shadow's Rare Magic Items mod, and the second is one based on code by GeorgiaBoy that puts additional random modifiers on elite and higher items. When used together, the idea is to reduce the number of higher quality drops, but make the high end drops that you do get better.
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