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Originally Posted by Caal View Post
I've been experimenting with mods, and you might be interested in these. The first is a less drastic version of Shadow's Rare Magic Items mod, and the second is one based on code by GeorgiaBoy that puts additional random modifiers on elite and higher items. When used together, the idea is to reduce the number of higher quality drops, but make the high end drops that you do get better.
What ItemCommonRandomMagicModifier 1 exactly does ?
I noticed that the value is increased maximum to 5 for legendary in the mod.
Does this value represents the amount of magical stats one item can have ?
Example: ItemCommonRandomMagicModifier 1 just adds one bonus only ? (+ 5 dexterity) or (12% armor ) or something else ?
Can this modifier be more than 5 ?
There's a parameter like this that can be applied to damage range amount and armor range amount for different pool of items ?

ItemCommonChance 7.5 works like higher the value lower the chance to drop ?

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