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Originally Posted by Caal View Post
I've been experimenting with mods, and you might be interested in these. The first is a less drastic version of Shadow's Rare Magic Items mod, and the second is one based on code by GeorgiaBoy that puts additional random modifiers on elite and higher items. When used together, the idea is to reduce the number of higher quality drops, but make the high end drops that you do get better.
I must say, these mods bring new life to the game and overall the improved colored loot mods makes rarer drops much more interesting. The masses of drops in the original game quite frankly became boring. The only issue is ofc you will not make as much money selling off gear.
As a side note ive noticed that plate and weapons yields most cash, even if not magical. I find this a bit odd, but its the way the game is programmed.
As a possible alternative to Vilikis question; try these mods out, ya might like em.
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