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Default Things which would make clan management more fun for me

I am enjoying the game, but I think that clan management could be a lot more interesting and less frustrating.

First, I want to be able to get more details about what it going on. I want to know how cooking, farming, butchering, etc... affect my food needs, and how tanning, smithing, etc... affect my crafting. I want to see my clan in a nice table, with class, damage per second, happiness, and status icons visible. Possibly with small icons for skills.

Second I want large clans to be made workable. This means that the limit on how often you send parties to forage should depend on how many people are able to go, not on an arbitrary time time. Those who just came back may be tired, and need a full night and day to recover, but I have five more hunters, I should be able to send them out.

Third, I want to be able to set roles for my people. Some should be farming and producing, some should be acting as guards (along or instead of monster guards) and some should be on R&R. Some of these activities could be influenced by developed infrastructure. People on common tasks would interact with each other and personalities would matter.

Fourth, I want a special interface for people on my party, with very least the ability to lock their equipment in. I am tired of them replacing the equipment I chose for them with the trash I want to give to those staying at home.

Fifth, I would like to have the ability to send a party to do a quest, or to clear an area, etc... it could be very dangerous, and the members equipment could matter a lot.

Sixth, I would like a bit better diplomacy. I find it strange that a clan with three members asks me to bribe them to stop attacking my friends, when I have 20 high level warriors to back me up.

Seven, I would like to see clan inventories. When I drop something to be allocated to the clan, have it go to tat inventory, and stay there for new members to possibly equip. The player should not be able to take it back, because that would make it just a stash, but the player should be able to order stuff recycled. Also, there should be an inventory of stuff manufactured by all the smiths, alchemists, farmers, etc... this one should be accessible to the player.

Eight, and this is really cosmetic. Can recruits with no extra skills be called peasants, or ruffians, or lazy asses, or something? Guy wearing cloth and holding a stick is not a wizard if he has no spells.
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