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I'd like to see an improvement to getting rid of clan members. As things are now, nothing prevents you from hiring every single person you see, and kicking them out as soon as they place their saved food in the clan's stores. This is an exploit that has to go, but there is so much room for improvement on top of that.

Here are some things I'd love to see:
- when dismissing a member, have a choice to let him go with a full share of the clan's food and all of his equipment or alternatively attempt to strip him of food and gear. The latter may result in the clan member turning hostile.
- have the possibility that the clan insists on kicking out someone, or at least, tat individual members clamor for someone to go.
- have the ability to call a clan wide vote on dismissing someone.
- when a person is kicked out, there is a happiness hit on all other clan members, with a magnitude depending on how much they liked him, whether his dismissal was voted on, and how he was dismissed
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