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Default odd graphics problem, unplayable

im trying to run Kivi's 1.002 under wine in linux. it installs and everything fine but when i try to launch it, it opens to a white screen with no graphics on it. the music plays fine and the cursor appears. where the text should be there are little orange rectangles for each letter. i can move the cursor around and click these buttons and i can tell it brings me to a new menu (different placement of the weird square text). i was able to navigate through this to actually launch the game. it runs, but again, with extremely strange graphics problems. you cant see any textures, its almost like some strange modern art piece.

the system im running it on is an acer aspire one netbook (aoa110).

i installed the game on my desktop and edited the settings, turning the graphics all the way down and changing a few things then transferring my default.cfg file to the netbook to no avail, same story.

any idea whats going on?
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