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Question Level 100: Now what happens if?. . .

O.K. now that I've reached the maxiimum point of the game, I know I could continue to play over and over again with my character. However, if I start a completely new game with the 100 level player, would I keep my recruits and stashes or would I have to start over without my NPCs and/or non-shared stash's items? If I keep my non-shared stash items, can I transfer some of them to my shared stash in the future or would there be a problem from having to switch back and forth between my current player and a new character, that is, would a new game have to be started for every time I go between characters? There can only be one game that is saved at a time, right? My main questions have to do with what I keep and what I may lose once I give up my current game to start with a new character.

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