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new stuff
Lightning Speed - faster ground movement
Venomous - extra poison damage
Yellow Mold - on damage release yellow mold spores or on death
Thick Skull - -10% intelligence, +10% health, -10% stun chance
Lightning Skin - lightning swarm chance on hit and on death
text on level info can shrink down a lot but secondary skill won't
should RenderingState::setUseTextureAlpha be per texture?
if corners of area are below camera focus draw more tiles that direction
ice bombs no longer put out fires?
make sure shadow mapping works on mac & linux
change fade out to sink in ground so shadows don't pop? - at fadeTo( 0.0f, _monsterArchetype->getRemoveFadeTime() );
calculate near/far z values actually needed?
could go through all draw objects and build bounding box
new far z is culling things when big hills
better culling for shadows
need to cull when I know the frustrum (because light & camera have different frustrums)
r_culltiles and r_cullmodels gets in the way
drawing shadows after effects - does this even matter?
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