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new stuff
rendering shadowmap to MSAA applied framebuffer?
no fog nearby but have fog (level but not block?)
calculate fov needed for shadow map light pass
more statues in graveyards
statue special room? doesn't announce special room though?
water (and probably other liquids) draw shadows
highlighting an entity makes it darker - causing shadows?
a skeleton from an NPC triggers town attack warnings
Some things off the top of my mind would be a loot filter, configurable hotkeys for health/mana potions, a
"loot all" button which picks up items in an area around the player. (Sephumbra)
now that have fallback for skills could replace left click with skill
shuriken draws too dark now
should be shadows on create character screen
can use rain scroll in dungeon - get wet, does lightning, no rain though
gates draw with vbo off, why?
ever since I added in animation variations hits timing seems off sometimes
change LOD bias default to -0.2 ?
speed up movement to zombasite with full stamina levels?
gates should use name of level from their actual position probably
increase resolution of UI elements?
did I break r_shadows 4 scale?
drawing heightmap is a good bit slower, can I speed this up or am I just drawing more?
sometimes only big speed difference of terrain when in shadows 4
some things like fences should use lowest point instead of height at middle?
be able to move around UI elements?
shadows don't draw on grass?
overhead icons sort behind a lot of things
should have less monster NPCs except in towns of that race
fix overlapping inventory stuff
can I move sun position (farther y) to make less z fighting issues? - OutdoorSunYaw
be able to choose head?
when flattening block just get average of edge instead of entire block
change opening screen to be a battle or something like monster stress test?
more mutation ideas - acid spit, infravision, small wings that while you can't fly allows you to miss many traps,
break?, mind blast, breathe fire, hypnotic gaze
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