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new stuff
can kill camp fires
? ! icons draw before shadows - change to an effect sort
wisps death lightning not hitting player? or just level 1 ones don't do any damage
Torches show up as Type: Shield (not sure I care)
got Herodius' blessing but didn't mention it (need a print)
can't increase or decrease tempest mutation
can increase but can't decrease quick skill on darkness
got darkness and bone shatter on powerstrike but only bone shatter changes name
towns should be more open on edges
cap combo stuff lower & bump less each time?
might need to update some blogs/forum posts that are no longer true
got a secret tunnel to shared level (placeholder part)
won brawl before all clans were destroyed
brawl everyone at war but me
never found anyone in brawl - many levels?
torch not lit after win, going to next area
monsters getting double promoted when they kill me
you must survive should get failed if you die?
Yellow Mold not waiting 5 seconds to start
fix hamstring skill
if change projectiles to go straight (not follow terrain), could make go slower up and faster down
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