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new stuff
need to fix all +/- on skills/modifiers
do ssao
fix female skins
sprint cancels any stamina drains?
potions to fix stamina drain, stunned, and other similar effects?
get rid of 2nd/3rd right click slots and arrow keys
simplifies left/right layout
need more monsters that can sprint faster
some monsters shoot projectiles at where you will be instead of where you are (stalkers?)
need to do rescue unlocks that specialty thing
UI pass
make ui purple to match buttons?
a little button rework to blend better?
still need to do something about alphaing out
things don't fae out when they go out of view if seen before?
dead things sink below ground?
more secrets?
add unique blocks/specified special room?
need more exploration sutff
more things you can find like good god altars?
turn skill links off (at least the box part)
choose random specialty, got Shaman, started with no weapon (only have staff skill)
can't equip staff at all
attacks without a weapon are really, really slow
guards need to find a empty position
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