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new stuff
Elemental Resistances and Nature-based skills like Entangling Roots, Wall of Thorns, and some Health+Mana Regen (Andronius)
change attribute pedastals to rare or very rare minimum item
more secret effects
1 time gamble object (well/pillar/etc)
make vendors better (more rare items)
change changelings to only change when hurt & fake changeling can be hurt but not die (more surprise this way)
should I make days shorter so doesn't settle on bad spots for so long?
anti-magic lasts longer?
multiple camp fires block
stonehenge block
thieves/bandits can steal like leprecauns could
trapped ghost - crystal with ghost in it? if break ghost is released, bad ghosts attacks, starts quest, good
ghost - rewards player
hero grave
make monster statues more interesting - traps, etc
strange portal
unique versions of normal objects - well of life, witch cauldron
alchemist workshop
corrupted lifestone/manastone/healthstone
fountain of youth
pulsating crystal - area permanent buff
shrine with lots of candles
anything using BDragonStatue1?
can probably color magma/poison to make better fire mold/yellow mold
cold resistance (protection) - resistance number is incorrect (other protection skills are similar)
get Mutation: Thick Fur but it doesn't show up in skills list
won world war instantly
change HugeHeart mutation to more health?
change ExtraLungs - mutation to higher move speed?
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