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But, I can understand why Shadow wouldn't want to do such a massive overhaul. It takes a lot of time. And, he might think the game balance is fine enough as is, given the amount of players that the game has.
I agree, and having made my own balance mod for DC (as you did for Zombasite), I also would prefer not to put in the oodles of time necessary. That's why I think a better route is to try and follow principles that balance fairly naturally, identifying the sources of spiraling over/under-power and reducing them.

Having a ton of skill points, especially in the late game, is one such issue; having cast time bonuses go as high as they do is another; having a *need* for investing in skill levels due to magic skills that do direct damage rather than working in percentages off of a base stat is another issue; and as you mentioned, having irrelevant armor stat requirements due to the explosion in sources for stat boosts in the mid-late game is yet another issue.
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