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Originally Posted by robmack View Post
What I really like about Drox is the feeling that you are visiting a thriving world, and you are just a small cog in that wheel.

Visiting planets, especially of powerful races should feel like you are entering an exciting, and maybe dangerous sphere of influence.

I was thinking to help with this immersion, all approaching ships to a planet would be greeted by an escort from that planet. This would include the player, but also all freighters, diplomatic ships etc.

The escort would greet the player with a quick message, depending on faction alliance. It could be any thing between a friendly offer of an honor guard, to an announcement that weapons are locked.

Also, instead of ships just sitting by the planet, some would be flying about looking for enemies, and keeping them out of weapons range.

So, is this pie in the sky, or a reasonable tweak?
I think this makes sense. Rather than guarding the planet itself, powerful planets could be guarded from a certain radius, making assault of those planets difficult. They could also have defensive system (that you could sabotage).
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