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Originally Posted by Cheet4h View Post
According to some other posts it's already too easy to bomb planets due to the defending ships staying at the planet as long as you don't attack it directly. These satellites would need to have a higher range than the players bomb range, and I don't know how big that is. An alternative would be to have star bases which can launch fighters.

OP: I think this would be a great idea. It would add a lot to the feeling of a living galaxy!

I've not tried .904 yet, but plan to soon. As far as I know, based on the patch notes, defensive fleets are still stationary. They will shoot if you enter their range, but you can sit outside their range and bomb the planet (and the defenders) with impunity until they blow up. Perhaps this has changed, but I don't see anything noted about it. If it hasn't changed, destroying planets isn't very difficult at all if you choose to abuse this.
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