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Originally Posted by pelemaster View Post
yes, i read that. But i want to know more deeply what's added ?
Well, I think that you should just buy the extension pack, so that you will not only get to experience everything for yourself, but also will be able to influence which way it goes before release.

But I'll try to elaborate a bit on what Shadow said.

SPOILERS abounds.

Play as or against the new race, the Scavenger

The new race is using a new component which, added to the new armor durability mechanics, makes armor-only builds extraordinarily effective. They also have a good skill/slot combination, and are probably the way to go for a stealth build.

Defend against ancient race invasions

I've met an ancient race, and was not particularly impressed. Maybe because they showed up in a 'Challenge' sector, and I stomped them before they could get going. Next time I'll let them develop before I go explain to them who rules the galaxy.

Design components with socketable chips

These are insanely powerful. One of my ship, at level 39, found a chip that gives nearly 50% extra damage to a weapon. I have also found some lasers which recharge in 66% of the time it usually takes. The combination would more than double the damage output compared to what's possible in vanilla Drox.

Solve new quests and equip new components

I have not found any new quests, and only one really new component, but there are new variations in old components, giving the player new ways of fine-tuning (i.e. mixmaxing) his builds. I.e. there are a ton of new modifiers (for example, "energy efficient" for weapons), and there are significant variations to old types (for example, missiles launchers that fire salvos)

Battle new Talon, Legion, and Overlord monsters

Some nice models, but only one of those I've met fought differently enough that I would notice. I hope to find its weapon as a equipable component, though.

Destroy or defend space stations (military and production)
Guide the evolution of persistent galaxies

Those I have not really seen in action yet. I've gotten glimpses, but it's too early to comment.

But one thing is damn sure. This extension makes players' life much, much, much easier. I hope Shadow introduces new challenges before release.
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