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Default The Feedback Thread

I thought it would be good to start a centralized place for feedback. I'll kick things off with a few things I noticed in 30 minutes of play. There will be MUCH more to come, but here's the initial stuff:

1. There is no option in the key binding screen to reassign the default hotkey (S) for the skills screen. I like to put my skills on ASDF instead of 1234, so it would be helpful to have the option to reassign the skills hotkey to another key.

2. In most ARPG's, the "stay still" key defaults to shift. In this one it defaults to control. It might be helpful to change the default to shift (which is what it is in Diablo and Torchlight).

3. The Hunting Party Timer/Diplomacy Icons are in an odd place. Would it be possible to move these to the right edge of the screen beneath the minimap?

4. What do the priorities for quests mean? I.E., A quest will have P1, P2, P3, etc next to it. This wasn't in Din's or Depths, and there is no help text describing what the priorities actually rank.

5. I notice my PC (Core I7 2600 3.4GhZ, Geforce GTX 560ti) getting very hot while playing the game. Much hotter than with Din's, Depths, or Drox. The fans spin up on full in Zombasite. I'm not sure if it's due to an unlimited framerate problem (there is no framerate counter in the options menu) or some other problem. But it seems like the fans should not be spinning up so high.

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