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Default Feedback on game (mac)

Mac: Command key freezes the character in place and then you basically can't do much of anything.

"bag vendor" with potions, not bags?

The mouseover inventory info is OK but when your NPC's screen is in front, it would be nice if it was THEIR equipped items that pop up, and it would be better if the pop-ups disappear when you pick items up to place them.

When I am in a town, and I go into a hut I can't see anything. Shouldn't the roof be translucent so I can see inside the building?

Similar to Drox, I'd love a * next to quests for the area I'm currently in.

Fun weirdness: I was out & about with 2 people in my party. I sent 2 guys from my town out to hunt. The 2 people in my party died horrible painful deaths. I went and found the 2 hunters. I was able to get 1 hunter to join my party but not the other -- although he did follow along and stay pretty close to us most of the time, but he couldn't follow us through gates. he did follow us to other areas. Eventually I lost him somewhere and he zombied and died.

Gotta say, not doing very well! lol
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