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Old 12-21-2017, 01:42 AM
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Default [Feedback Needed][Under Construction] Racial Restructure

I figured, since I got an account here anyhow for some reason, I might as well link to and copypaste the Steam thread of this matter.

Right. As I am slapping friends to get together in order to get a session or three of Drox Operative in order, I also figured I'd want to create an old and long-since vanished personal mod of mine, which had the primary purpose of two things:

1) Rejigger the Base+Derivative Stat bonuses of all races, primarily so that the 'Prime' races are comparable to the IotA ones instead of strictly inferior.
2) Rejigger Racial Slots so all races have full four Racial Slots

As of now, unless future opinions give me reason to change it, issue #1 have been dealt with for this mod. I will now go over how things are different from the vanilla game, rough comparison:

HUMAN: Remain as Tactical Primary/Computers Secondary.
APE: Changed to be Tactical Primary/Helm Secondary, instead of having an identity crisis.
AI: Remains as Computers Specialist.

DRYAD: Remains as Structural Primary/Engineering Secondary.
MUTANT: Remains as Engineering Primary/Structural Secondary.

UTOPIAN: Remains as Computers Specialist.
CYBORG: Remains as Computers Primary/Tactical Secondary.

FRINGE: Remains as Engineering Primary/Tactical Secondary.
ULTIMATE WEAPON: Remains as Tactical Specialist.
GENETIC SOLDIER: Remains as Tactical Primary/Computers Secondary.

HIVE: Remains as Structural Primary/Helm Secondary.
GENETIC: Remains as Structural Primary/Engineering Secondary.

DRAKK: Remains as Helm Primary/Tactical Secondary.
DRAKK CLONE: ERROR! Apparently something must be wrong, because these refuse to be changed. But my intent for them was to end up as Helm Primary/Computers Secondary to differentiate them from the proper Drakks. Solution yet to be found.
DRAKK-CORTEX HYBRID: Changed to be Helm Primary/Engineering Secondary, instead of having an identity crisis.

LITHOSOID: Remains as Structural Specialist.
ASEXUAL: Changed to be Structural Primary/Helm Secondary, instead of Structural/Computers as that was left for...
XENOPHOBIA: Remains as Structural Primary/Computers Secondary.

CORTEX: Remains as Engineering Primary/Computers Secondary.
TELEPATH: Changed to be Engineering Primary/Helm Secondary, as the proper Cortex already were Engineering/Computers focused.
CORTEX-BRUNT HYBRID: Remains as Engineering Primary/Tactical Secondary.

SHADOW: Remains as Computers Primary/Helm Secondary.
ZOMBIE: Remains as Computers Primary/Tactical Secondary.
PARANOID: Changed to be Computers Primary/Engineering Secondary, as the proper Shadow were already Computers/Helm.

BRUNT: In a bit of a twist, the Brunts were changed from Tactical Specialist to Tactical Primary/Structural Secondary. I am not 100% sure about this yet however.
PIRATE: Remain as Tactical Primary/Computers Secondary.
BARBARIAN: Remains as Tactical Specialist. Primarily because I would have no idea how to make them stand out from the proper Brunt if both were made Tactical Specialists, and the Barbarians doesn't really fit to be given any of the other attributes as a secondary one.

SCAVENGER: Remains as Tactical Primary/Helm Secondary.
REAPER: Changed to Tactical Primary/Computers Secondary, used to be Tactical/Helm.
INFECTION: Changed to Tactical Primary/Structural Secondary, used to be Tactical/Helm.

As well, the derivative/secondary stat bonuses, such as Damage per Tactical or Attack per Computers, have been tweaked across the board to most of the time be somewhere between vanilla races and IOTA sub-races in value. With Structural seeing a decent buff. These values are not set in stone however, and I might change my mind in the future.

Now all that remains is for me to deal with issue #2 for what this mod sets out to do, and that is to tweak the Racial Slots. I will primarily aim to make sure all racial slots are for items that use powerload to function, as racial slots have the distinct benefit of halving any powerload costs.

Currently that means I will try to slap at least one weapon slot on every single race, and to primarily use Heavy/Medium class items for the racials. I might even boot the racial crew slot in favor of another item that makes use of the powerload discount, but that remains to be seen.

And as previously stated here, if anyone have any thoughts or suggestions in regards to this mod, I am all ears.

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