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Old 06-16-2017, 09:10 AM
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Yeah I'll update it for the expansion.
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Old 07-01-2017, 02:33 PM
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As promised, this patch is really just a lot of polish on 1.0 based on my time playing the game.

So, after playing 1.0 for a while, I realized it was just way too hard. I had balanced my stats for the beta and 1.0 very diligently to be super perfectly balanced. But, I didn't account for one thing... the stat bonuses that higher tier unique monsters get! A demigod has 1.6 times the normal stats of a regular monster... so how could my formulas ever be balanced for that? Definitely not.

In any case, lots of random things I missed are fixed, lots of QoL changes, a few tweaks and polish all around. I did reneg on what I said a little bit though on the warrior changes.

Warrior Rebalance:

Added "Magic Fist" to Savior. This 8 mana attack lets your strike foes from afar. But be warned, power comes with a price. This attack is extremely expensive. And let's not forget, Executioners may now use this ability as well...

I also reworked defender a little bit by changing some names and switching around its power. It's a lot more tanky now in the early game due to the availability of flat stats. There was one big change that I made that has to be pointed out. The Warding Shield skill has been removed and replaced by Toughness. The difference is that Toughness doesn't require a shield. If you are running a warrior, then spec out of Warding Shield before upgrading to v1.0.1. If you upgrade without reading this particular note and need to fix this, just install the 1.0 mod again (in the "Previous Versions" folder of the docs folder), unspec and then reinstall 1.0.1.

Everything Else:

- Health Regeneration Mod value reduced properly. I was using the wrong variable before.
- Berserk attack bonuses have been scaled down. Damage bonus scaled up. Defense penalty scaled won. Attack bonuses nerfed.
- Nerfed skill block. Right now, it can only be used by NPCs, so I hadn't changed stats. But, I forgot that you can just load npcs up with items, so with +1k defense and vanilla block, your npc will become a god.
- Slaughter and whirlwind's passive weapon damage mult nerfed by 2%.
- Evasion (the skill) rebalanced.
- Monster damage has been reduced globally for each difficulty level.
- All weapons deal more damage than ever before. (Spells were just too much better).
- Unique monster stat bonus scaling has been halved. Unique 10 and Unique 11 still get a bit of a bonus over the other tiers though. I also massively reduced size growth.
- Monster enhancement sized related bonuses have been nerfed.
- Pet damage resistance, armor and health affixes have been nerfed like pet damage mod. This will make it require even more investment to get strong summons.
- Weapon speed is restricted to weapons once again.
- Happiness, insanity and morale now have 4x lower spawn chance.
- Fixed math on Elixir of Holy Shield. Now properly scales up to 100% DR at ilvl 75. Lasts for 5 seconds base now.
- Stat elixirs now scale half as fast. Honestly, stat potions are just too good. This makes investment into stats and skills with stat points more meaningful.
- Reverted buff to all stats mod on items. 25% decrease.
- Magic find elixir has been reworked. Starts at 100%, increases to 200% at max level.
- Resistance potions no longer drop. This mod was never balanced around them. And the Holy Shield elixir is meant to fit the defensive slot (Also nimbleness elixir).
- Added 5 new Elixirs to discover. Used artwork of resistance potions on them.
- Extra Money Affix now starts at 50% and scales up to 250%. Yup. Now if you want to just randomly get rich off of cash drops, you can do it! Can be pretty impactful late game, but it makes random gold affix mod on unique+ gear okish.
- Random avatar spawn chance on kill is now at 1% chance per kill on a monster. This is far more common than before and will lead to a lot more fun and dangerous situations. Always STAY WOKE.
- All of the town invasion type quests are far less likely to occur upon killing monsters. This makes farming dungeons a lot less annoying.
- Slightly increased secret stash size from .35 to .40. I was finding them rarely at .35... so .40 should be perfect.
- Bonus chests now guarantee a unique or higher drop. Doubled health of bonus chests. Added flag so they don't get stuck. Not sure if it will work, but oh well!
- NPCs are now like players, they can equip anything! Enjoy! I spent like an hour trying to remove the ability to equip individual weapon/armor pieces on npcs and could NOT get it to work. It is definitely hardcoded. How do I know? Well, I removed every mention of the word 'cape' from the npc archetypes file and placed my 'skill modskillwearall' at the end of every function of the file with the replace function. And yet, monsters still spawn with capes. So, nothing I can do. This also very convincingly proves a lot of my suspicions about hidden hard coded stuff that has bothered me for a long time.

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Old 07-02-2017, 02:02 PM
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Now that I can actually play higher levels for a change, I am able to further refine the late game balance and address any issues that pop up.

I was able to play a warrior up to level 39 before dying from the last patch to this one... which was extremely impressive to me. This run really showed me that it is absolutely possible to play any character up to level 100 with the game as is. Though, it will certainly be hard.

- Pet health is appropriately nerfed. (was overlooked).
- Stunning blows now only last for 0.5 seconds. 2 seconds was far too long.
- Magic Strike starts at 30 mana cost now as intended.
- Added teleport to lightning mage. Wizard just doesn't feel right without a teleport.
- My new custom elixirs can now stack. There is no longer an 'only one' restriction.
- The Thorns affix has been set to 0% spawn rate. Honestly, I never really liked reflect mechanics. I'm totally fine with glacier as it has fixed damage. But, thorns is just unfun. I also removed the damage reflect off of the monster enhancements fire shield.
- Combat reflexes has been brought down to 4 stat points per level. (I like 6... but just a tad too op).
- New skill Cognition added to lightning mage. It's a generic +intelligence passive.
- Combat experience potion is now 25% base instead of 50%. oops.
- Rebalanced drop rate of crafting materials one last time. Everything is level except for gems which are 1/2 as common.
- Lifesteal mod nerfed to 1/100th. (I changed to incorrect value before. Should have been 1% base plus .2% per level.... is 100% + 20% per level atm.)
- Devastating Blow damage per mana growth reduced to .2 per level. I won't discuss the strategy behind abusing this ability... but it's just too overpowered as is. Probably is just op even with this massive nerf, but oh well. The skill is intrinsically op.
- Lose timer is now 60 seconds.
- The bonus experience maximum level cap has been removed. This is to encourage taking riskier, more aggressive actions which will likely lead to death. Yay!
- The spawn rate of the above-normal bonus chests has been doubled. And the godly bonus chest, that I had set to be way rarer than the 2nd most rare is now 5x more common (makes it about 1/2 as rare as perfect chests). Again, encouraging riskier play.
- Breakable chests now contain an item 2 out of 3 times.

As a last, not documented in patch notes change, I put previous versions in their own folder on mediafire so that the file size doesn't majorly increase every time I release an update.
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Old 07-15-2017, 11:32 AM
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The "Legendary" Patch.

So, this patch was just going to be 1.0.3 with all of my tiny tweaks from over the past few weeks. But this morning, I made some really large breakthroughs. My only concern with this patch is that players might be a little overpowered now. But, well, only time will tell! We'll see.


Potion Stacking Bug.... IS FIXED!

So... the backstory is that I think that every entry in items.gdb was not really overriding, it was creating an entirely new item. This was making all of the duplications and simply causing all of my item based issues.

I hand-edited items.gdb to only change what needs to be changed and this fixes a ton of issues and makes numbers look better all around.

Since there are literally duplicate copies of items in the game that I removed, there is a very high chance that your save file won't load with those items in it. You can scavenge all items that you think are bad dups (or drop then and create a new area, or just scavenge all items) if you really want to preserve your character (totally possible). But, if you try to play the patch as is, chances are high that the game will exit when loading your character and give you a notice about item corruption. So, yeah. Sorry about this... but it's a really big fix that has to be done. And thankfully, it's something that will never crop up again! This ghost of my past is no longer haunting me!

The Big Stuff!


So, I have absolutely no idea how the game spawns legendary items. Like, it has to be hardcoded because there are no pre-setup legendary items inside of items.gdb. Yet, legendary items can spawn. And, I know that legendary items need to be setup because I tried to have a legendary ring drop with near-vanilla settings (just had a small file to make legendary rings have 100% drop rate) and I couldn't get one to drop. Unique and Artifact rings dropped just fine, and as soon as I made a legendary ring, it dropped just fine as well.

In any case, because I know that I can setup legendary items, that's what I did! I created legendary.gdb using some Regex wizardry to create legendary copies of all artifacts in the game. This makes it so that legendary versions of everything can start dropping from very early on in the game. And, you can now find legendary rings, necklaces and jewelry as drops. Very Exciting!

Monsters Tiers:

I reworked monster tiers one more time because I felt that fighting a Demigod was just... too mundane. When a Demigod appears, you should be shitting your pants and fleeing for your life. Even daring to fight one should be practically suicide. And, while that is somewhat true right now, it's just not to the same degree as I was hoping. And they just don't feel 'distinct', like I want them to. So, let's go to the next level!

- Unique2 and higher monsters will now all have different colored names. This will help you identify the monster that is going to kill you, or let you lament ignoring my warning on the next line as you die and read the color of the monster’s name.
- Be very wary of the purple and red named uniques... You have been warned.

* The Rest:
- Barkskin now gives 175 armor per level.
- Magic find potion is now an elixir. Starts at 50%, scales to 200%.
- Movement speed stat growth doubled.
- Holy Shield Elixir has been reworked. Now grants 33% damage reduction over 10 seconds. Only has 1 level. Is much rarer than other elixirs now.
- Elixirs now all have use timers of at least 10 seconds.
- Added elixir for armor, item find & status effect duration.
- Added Max Elixir. This powerful elixir has an extremely low drop rate. But, when consumed, you will have maxed stats for 3 seconds. Use it wisely.
- Midas Elixir gives 200 + 4% per level now. 60 second duration.
- Haste has had its time reduced to 10 seconds. I considered just making it weaker, but decided against it.
- The quake strike status effect used by quake strike and earthquake now has a 20% ms penalty instead of the 50% of before.
- Avatars are now twice as rare.
- Quests like town raids/curse, etc. 1/4th as likely now.
- Earthquake skill won't actually create an in-game 'earthquake'. While not thematic... falling rocks really suck with my mod because of how dungeon oriented it is. Also it was always kind of annoying anyways. Haha. *shrug*
- Wealth mod now gives item find chance as well... for those loot explosions.
- Stunstone gems are now twice as common. (In-line with buff to health affix spawn chance)
- Armor on items has been buffed pretty dramatically (like 50% more). Combined with the now available legendary armors you can find, you should be able to make a very tanky character.
- Potion stack size is now 99. Yay!
- Ice Armor down to 120 armor per level.

Final Comments: I'll be playing more over the weekend now that I made all of these changes so there may be another hotfix patch tomorrow. We'll see. But, this is at least a very solid patch that I wanted to get out.

Edit: I just want to say... after playing this patch for another 5 hours today, I can confidentially say this is 'the one'. The legendary title was well deserved. Probably seriously won't be another patch this time until the expansion. Forrealz this time.

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Old 07-15-2017, 08:14 PM
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Did a small silent patch to take off thorns on lightning armor. Not sure how that got there, but yeah. Not going to do full patch number increment because it's so small.

Also, it seems like my worries about players being OP were unfounded. Got smokescreened next to triple berserker demigod... lol. Yeah, so thankfully I fled, but I'm really curious how hard he would hit for. Maybe 5k with a 10k crit vs. my 1.5k hp, lol. I'm not sure, lol. Thank god for these different colored name tags and the size scaling. It enables me to be prepare and be cautious when necessary. I'm like 99% sure I would have died if not for color changes...

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Old 07-17-2017, 01:01 PM
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Legendary items are setup automatically. They are basically the same as the artifact item plus one random modifier.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 07-17-2017, 11:01 PM
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Thank you!

I'll fix my mod up thanks to that knowledge.
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Old 12-22-2017, 12:16 PM
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Love this mod, and was wondering if it will be updated soon to support Orc Schism? It actually already works for the most part, just no changes to the new Bard classes. Thanks for all of your hard work, Destro!
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Old 01-22-2018, 11:11 PM
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Hey @nefariousD.

Sorry, didn't ever see your post. I recently went through a job and apartment change and literally am just now getting settled entirely enough to start really developing the mod again. I didn't even get to play the vanilla expansion very much, .

In any case, I'm going to be reworking the mod soon(tm).

There are a substantial number of changes (too many...). The current version of my mod that is up is really imbalanced (game becomes practically unbeatable at level 60, unless you are a summoner)... and the next version will be a lot more balanced. (It already currently is... I just need to make another bunch of changes before I decided to push it out)

Soooo... yeah. That's the current plan. I obviously wish I could have pushed this out earlier, but life happens.
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Old 02-24-2018, 11:24 PM
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Just wondering if theres a status update for this mod, still patiently waiting for it
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