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Old 07-17-2012, 06:37 AM
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Arrow [Mod] Action Drox!

So I'm currently playing around, trying to bend Drox Operative to my will and make the early game a bit more exciting for myself. This is something of an experiment to see how more action-geared mechanics work for combat.

The changes are pretty basic but also rather fundamental. They allow both you and the enemy to evade fire manually.

I don't recommend using this with an existing character. Make a new one.
Only actually compatible with .908.

Grab the mod here

Copy zip file straight to your Drox Operative assets directory. To uninstall just delete the file!
I take no responsibility for the destruction of your stuff! in-game or out!

Major changes
Added a new weapon, the Ram Repeater: The repeater is a short-range, low-energy gatling cannon. Sounds and animation butchered from Drox's gatling driver. All new ships start with it.

All ballistic projectiles no longer track targets. Angle of approach is now important, the the same goes for your enemies.
Ballistic weapons have a higher base damage, and 20% lower energy usage.

Missiles are much slower to turn, but have higher base damage and life time; you can now dodge them, and so can your opponents.

Minor changes
Asteroids and storms are five times or more likely. Makes for some great stories, friend and foe alike! Possibly not as minor as I expect!
Increased speeds of item identify. Because I honestly don't enjoy it anymore.

Minor, really! Clear skies and gamma rays.
Din's Additionals Mod:
93 skill modifications, fixes and replacements over all class skill trees.
25 new skill additions. Now supports the new Demon War expansion!

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