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Old 10-13-2018, 10:33 AM
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Default Simple Tweaks - Din's Legacy Mod

Simple Tweaks - Din's Legacy Mod

This mod is a very simple tweak mod for Din's Legacy that is shipped in a very modular format that lets you pick and choose which tweaks you want. The goal behind these tweaks is to provide balanced (aka not cheat-like) modular changes to improve gameplay to suit your needs. If you don't like something, simply delete the relevant 'gdb' file in the mod's downloaded zip file and its gone. And, as a disclaimer, some of these tweaks will very likely will be invalidated in the future as the game moves closer toward release.

How to Install:

Download from:

And, like all mods, install to:

[Your Steam Install Location]\Steam\steamapps\common\Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets
For example, my install location is: A:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets

Note: You can also put the file in some other locations if you prefer, but there is no difference between where it is put as far as I know as long as you get the file to load. And, the location above will do just that.

The Tweaks:

Drop Rate Boost:

Goal: Increase the item drop amounts of monsters and improves the rarity of said drops.
Why to use?: The current best way to farm items in the game is to simply reload scenario's until you get Brawl, Last Man Standing or any other scenario that lets you quickly kill off clan leaders with very few other monsters to interfere. This is both safe and fast at providing very high-quality loot. If you use this mod, the loot drops among all monsters are improved, especially the very common 'normal' monsters. And, this makes every scenario very viable to play and complete, which is very important at high levels with the Hardcore difficulty mod enabled since you don't want to skip scenarios to incur the very high experience penalty.

Expedition Point Fix:

Goal: Prevent massive unhappiness drops and insanity rises for clan members by giving very high regeneration to expedition points.
Why to use?: The entire expedition system is legacy from Zombasite and is something that most probably don't realize exists. However, it can certainly be impacting your playthrough despite your ignorance. Inviting people to your party adds them to your clan. And, if you raid clans a lot, your expedition points will drop, causing those clan members to perform detrimental actions (like starting fights). This mod will keep your expedition points high, which will prevent those kinds of detrimental effects.

Monster Spawn Boost:

Goal: An improved version of Zombasite More Mod spawning. Now, Demigods can spawn naturally and you will find more hazardous regions flooded with tough, high rarity foes. Beware of dungeons!
Why to use?: This mod is mostly for fun. But, it also further disincentivizes farming clans and adds some additional very difficult content to the game. With the increase in experience requirements needed to level up mid-late game, this tweak feels even better than ever! Try it out with the double damage tweak for double the fun! (I strongly recommend not using the Scavenger mutation with this tweak enabled..., a tweak will come out one day for this purpose most likely)

Quest Exp Nerf:

Goal: Reduce amount of experience given from quests that involve killing monsters.
Why to use?: This mod is intended to be used with the monster spawn boost tweak. Since all of the rank 5 monsters now spawn quests, this mod is intended to balance out its absurd experience gains.

Monster Exp Nerf:

Goal: Reduce amount of experience given from higher rarity monsters.
Why to use?: This mod is intended to be used with the monster spawn boost tweak. It makes all monsters give less experience. But, higher rarities give more experience than lower rarities monsters in a non-linear fashion, to the extent that Demigod monsters are still going to give 1/2 their normal experience.

Net Nerf:

Goal: Nerf net traps.
Why to use?: Vanilla net traps gain .5 seconds per level. So, a level 100 net trap freezes the screen for 5 seconds (the base time) plus .5 * 100 = 55 seconds. Furthermore, the AoE scales crazily with each level too, so they are overpowered. I've created a custom net trap skill and assigned it to net traps so that the duration and AoE are a lot lower.

Double Damage:

Goal: Make the game harder for no apparent reason, you masochist you.
Why to use?: Bragging rights, I guess?

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Old 10-16-2018, 07:00 PM
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I updated the mod. Monster spawn boost is fixed to apply to all areas (hopefully) as intended originally. Double damage, monster experience nerf and quest experience nerf have been added to 'improve' the play experience, depending on your tastes, haha.

I love the format of this mod way more than the 'Zombasite Mo Mod'. Modularity is fun.

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