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Old 02-05-2011, 10:34 PM
spacehog spacehog is offline
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Default Multiplayer Issues

Hey. My brother just bought Din's Curse + Demon War and we are currently trying to play online with no luck. We are both running 1.019, no mods. When trying to connect to each other's servers, a Din's Curse Demon War Loading screen appears as opposed to the usual screen that shows up when waiting to join a server. During one attempt to join his server, one of my different characters towns loaded in single player after several minutes, quite randomly. Any ideas how to fix this? I have successfully played multiplayer on 1.019, just not this time.
We are also both on Mac's, and I do not believe a firewall is the cause of the problems on either end.

Apologize for the poorly organized post, but am continuing to add things as they come up. Just opened up Din's Curse and after a decent wait, it went straight to one of my characters towns before any of the menus. Seems to be related to the issue above, as I continue to attempt connect to my brother's server.

Brief Summary: When I host a game, my brother is able to see it, but when attempting to connect a different-than-usual loading screen appears ultimately leading to a message saying that the game couldn't be found or has disconnected, which is definitely not the case. Same applies when he hosts and I attempt to join. I feel like I've seen this before, but the problem was that I had a mod installed that I'm guessing the host did not have. When the server shows up, it says 0/4 players, which I also find to be odd. Any thoughts on how to get past this would be much appreciated from anyone who has had similar issues or has better knowledge than myself concerning the matter. Thanks!

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