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Old 02-12-2011, 12:34 PM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
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Default Examining character modifiers

Hey guys

When I first saw all the character modifiers that are available, I was flabbergasted. But then I found that almost every time I start a new character, I read over them and say to myself: "Naah, that doesn't seem fun. Nope, I don't feel like doing that." I'd like to get your feedback on these modifiers and see if we can come up with suggestions to make them more intereseting/practical. Here are my reactions to the different modifiers:

- Hardcore: death is final, no shared stash. This one's cool and I get why people like it. I may make a few of these characters one day, but right now the 'loss of time' doesn't seem worth it.
- Cursed: also seems interesting, mostly because it gives cursed items a huge role. Normally I throw away cursed items since there are so many magical items that I know I'll get something better pretty soon.
- Ego: less experience on lower levels. Also seems pretty neat.
- Unlucky: Fewer magic items. As of right now, I think this is probably one of the best options.
- Honorable death: die if the town is destroyed. I don't really get this one. If I'm not playing hardcore, it does nothing, and if I'm playing hardcore, it makes it even harder (as if that's needed). Maybe it's meant to make semi-hardcore harder?
My suggestion: change it to lose 4/5 vitality if a town is destroyed.
- Semi-hardcore: Lose 5 vitality every time you die. I've written about it elsewhere -- I think it's too much. You can survive the first town of your character since the monsters can barely touch you in the low single digit levels, but after that, 5 vitality/death means that a non-defensive character effectively has about 3-4 'lives', which it can try to extend with vitality potions. Not that practical.
My suggestion: change it to 1-2 vitality loss per death.
- Poverty: less money and items. Sounds great and challenging.
- Fragile: Half the health. Sounds a little boring and may only be for defensive characters, but could be challenging.
- Clumsy: half the dexterity. Same reaction. How does it work? Do you just start out with lower dexterity? When you put points into dexterity, do only 1/2 go in?
- Lost: no map. Can't see anyone using this unless they go with very slow pace and lower levels.
- Prima Donna: can't use non-special items. Since there are so many special (magical/unique) items, and since the first town is easy, this would be very easy to do. Almost all my gear is magical.
- Only hope: you die, the town dies. I guess this is like a lighter hardcore, except who want to lose towns so fast?
My suggestion: change it to 'you die -- the dungeon gets much more aggressive'.
- Hunger: have to eat. Definitely want to try this one out. It could be interesting but could also get annoying. Since food is such a relatively cheap and useful resource, you use lots of it anyway, so I can't see this making a massive difference gameplay-wise, except for healing characters who are now forced to eat regardless.

Feedback on any of these?

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