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Old 02-23-2011, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
look at the old function at level 1. You see that after 300 it passes 80%. By 700 it's at 90%. After that you get less than 0.7% per 100 points! This is as 'spiky' as the linear function, since you have to cap the maximum somewhere anyway, and 100s of points get you almost nowhere.
Up till now I found it tricky to put into words why I feel the way I do when I look at all this, but this statement above has helped. As far as I see it, it has no relevance with regard to gameplay. The sheet shows that the diminishing return might be a bit harsh, but there's no way in hell that this situation (level 1 with 300, 700 or 800 armor) will occur. So the 'problem' in this example is entirely academic, and though it may help in determining the problem details, I do not see this situation as a fault. Even if this situation would occur, from a gameplay point of view you'd be pretty much immortal, so in that respect it works.
Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
Now let's look at level 50. Notice that the constant (2nd column) is 1300. That means that around 1300 the function, which is very flat as it is because the constant is so big, becomes very slow. At 1300, an extra 100 points of armor gives you only 2% more! At 1600, an extra 100 points gives you only 1.5% more. 200 points can be the difference between mail and plate, or leather and mail! You're getting virtually no return for getting much better armor.
Yes, when presented like this in a sheet it looks dramatic, but if I look at this from a gameplay perspective, I still feel it is alright. It does however hi-lite a potential problem with regard to armor types and their expected effects (plate should work much better than leather), as has been stated elsewhere, but this is only an issue for high-level characters.
Originally Posted by Baki View Post
i think we just have to tune the numbers a bit. it has been done alrdy with the last patch but it wasnt enough.
What are you thinking of?

The diminishing returns show up when the character has an armor level that approaches the constant (i.e. 2550 for level 100). This means to me that the armor levels are 'penalized' if they pass certain values as determined by the current function. I suppose that is what you (Bluddy) wanted to address in the first place, but I'm still not sure on how to go about that. I have the feeling that possible solutions lie in tweaking other factors, like the added armor values that are given out on stat increases (as done by some passive initial skills), or perhaps adding armor bonusses to (certain) higher level items.

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