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Old 03-14-2018, 06:22 PM
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Default Todo list

This is my entire todo list for Din's Legacy. It is currently pretty long. It will contain spoilers. It changes daily. I add things constantly from testing and feedback. I remove things often that aren't feasible or just don't fit. Just because something is on here, it just means I'm considering it, it doesn't mean it will ever happen. Also, the ordering doesn't always mean much.

Please feel free to comment on anything in here!

be nice if secrets could be placed against open connections
add some unique towns
need a tower entrance model still
Oh, found another bug with a bridge tile, seems it didn't match up right with the tile to the top left: (Fulano)
There's an area of the map that seems inaccessible and has a critical quest. I attached the save. It's the remaining quest,
in the west area. Looks like it's walled off and the gate spawned in the wrong place. (Bluddy)
ss0253 screenshot shows holes in wall
I occasionally get a patch of area that is glitched and looks like the ground is cubed. I wanted to go back and screenshot,
but it must have fixed itself. - it basically looks like blended 0 (Varkon)

fire damage can unfreeze them
cold damage will put out fire dots
cold damage can freeze enemies?
if killed while frozen can shatter and leave no body?
if perception is high enough highlight secret things (similar to highlighting)
perception skill could also highlight visible traps
can perception sometimes make illusions glow?
more knockback on players?
I think the hilly terrain is making me and the monsters constantly miss our attacks even though we are right in front of
eachother, even on the slightest curvature. (Varkon)
Ice magic radiates a cold aura around things that are hit. The thing that needs hard coding in the engine is, if you hit
enough things with ice, nearby things also freeze. Ice pools form in the vicinity (not sure if that happens now). When
hit, monsters may slide down icy hallways, and even more so down icy slopes (takes advantage of the new slopes in the
engine). Fighting on ice can even be a strategy, since you could avoid getting hit back as the ice will build up distance
to the monsters. (Bluddy)
Magician-type magic, if hit enough times in a certain area, can cause anomaly-type entities to form there that trigger
automatically, causing explosions/teleportation/shrinking. (Bluddy)
wherever magic damage happens can cause a energy vortex or MonsterAntiMagic?

Gates can spawn inside Dungeon Entrances rendering them unusable: (Boink)
torch collision issue - monster or whatever spawns in before spawning torch (from block), since torch is unmovable they overlap?
Yesterday i moved through a secret area gate with no initial issues. After returning to said gate after exploring the
area (Without changing levels) the gate was suddenly, say, a 100 pixels further to the left and located inside a wall
where it couldn't be reached. (Excellion)
Once in a while I come across a uniqe monster or gate that gets stuck in a while and I have trouble targeting it. In one
of the attached screenshots there is a gate stuck on a wall and no matter what I could not damage it. I had to abandon
that world. (Varkon)
Whenever I start a world in a dungeon, the gate is out of bounds so if I use a gate, I would have to run all the way back
to where I was. (Varkon)
started in dungeon, gate is on other side of wall, all collision over there (ss0252)
after save/resume clan objects (stashes, bulletin board, crafting station, & gate) moved to different spot

Battle Mage effects
npc no visible arrow from basic bow attack is annoying

different types of storms?
dust storms - like a large tornado?
crazy storm?
storms need random wind gusts with sound
wind gusts do knockback?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks

*Blog posts?*
battle mage
future games
develop environment

*Developer stuff*
need a debug var to draw bounding box
next step in playtestFull - auto win scenario here and there and move to next
could do a full stress test mode that goes through all levels and does playtest, monsters, quests, and changes
worlds often
should randomly use usable objects instead of dropping them
debug build will crash if using zips (will get too many open handles at about 17)
need a generate X random levels test command

make new combined logo for website top, upload, use - probably all 6 games

*Steam specific*
Steam Cloud -

On the very first map I started, there were like 6-7 clans that got destroyed in less than 3 minutes. (Enternight)
do clans adventure enough?
Also when your town is under attack you should add a option to ask an ally in diplomacy to come to your town to help you
fight off enemy clans or enemy monsters I don't think you can do that right now. (Ronny Branch)
Or better yet an ally should automatically come if he doesn't a diplomacy penalty should occur.
I was never fond of the ability to freely trade loot with other clans anywhere (from DoP). One reason is that your storage
capacity barely matters anymore. Running out of space? Just open a modal, pausing interface and trade away. You have a
huge income stream and not much need to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. And you get relations
boosts to boot! (Bluddy)

I had three (3) quest portals to kill left in an areas I'd not explored with a load of other quests. Suddenly I
could no longer interact with new warp gates to unlock them (x2 attempted) so I quit to desktop & reloaded. On
reload, gained an immediate win + all prior quests had been wiped. (Boink)
On accepting the win, report claimed I'd completed zero (0) quests: so I'm guessing somehow the entire progression for the map (>40+ quests done) had been wiped.
No idea the causation: I had been recruiting multiple NPCs in quick succession & killed several (non-Quest) dimension gates, that's about it.
Bug 1: Some areas will reward the 'explored' experience bonus multiple times. I'm not sure what the trigger is
for this, but I know that leaving an area for a while and returning is what was necessary to get the experience
bonus to be awarded again. Probably worth looking into since I was getting like 3k+ experience an area for some
of the special areas of my world. (Destro*)
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
using my teleport stone didn't put me near my gate when in non-town area
special world events like did in Drox? blood moon, solar eclipse, sand storms, major storms, etc
If I hand my buddy a torch, it should affect the lighting. But it doesn't. Didn't Indiana hand a torch to his buddy? It worked in the movies.... (Crisses)
And for something +30ish light it doesn't seem to do much anyway..... (Crisses)
Bug report: Death Knight (Faya AOP)
Dont know how to better explain it ...
whenever i play the DK, it seems she is partially time distorted..a.i. whenever she trys to do anything,
be it hit a mob or open a chest, whilest a personal aura is active, she stops whatever she was doing.
This happens everytime someone comes into range of the aura, be it friend or foe.
I played all classes and the DK seems to be off there.
lobbing projectiles needs work
I just started a siege scenario, the doors all had two doors in the same spot and two labels. I could open one, but not
the second door. I had to wait for the monsters to break in before I could get out of the town, and it seemed both doors
died when the closed one was killed. (Fulano) - can't reproduce so far
At the same time, you're alerted of an attack when a monster is very far outside your town walls and not fighting
anyone. This alarm is too sensitive. (Bluddy)
Shadow, would it be possible to transition NPCs and the player character to a walking animation when they're slowed down?
One of the things that produces the feeling of 'jank' is when you're running but you're slowed by an effect, so you look
like you're floating in space. (Bluddy)
The gods' blessings seem far too strong. They last for the entire duration of the world, which is too long -- 10 or
20 minutes would be enough. Additionally, Thaden's blessing generates lightning bolts when hit, which is just too
powerful. I just stand still and all the enemies die attacking me. (Bluddy)

allow to choose hair color on NPCs?
add unique secret levels
unique towns could have a unique sign at entrance with short history
allow them to set seed on random level?
allow different levels of fog & color fog?
always winter
unique skills - patreon
Base skill (skill already in the game)
1 or 2 skill mutations (can't repeat)
add to Patreon post
add to Patreon also
post on Patreon, tweet, etc.

*Games to try*
Zigfrak/3030 Deathwar/VoidExpanse - space games
Crusader Kings 2 (already have)
Shiren the Wanderer
Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, nethack , Desktop Dungeon, TOME
Stardew Valley, Kerbal Space Program, Limbo, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, The Witness
1Quest -
latest Civ 6 expansion

*Clean up for 1.000*
make cheat_unlockClasses non-public again
remove alpha/beta on main menu

*Graphics improvements*
better ground textures
can I change shadows to be during light pass instead of own pass - should be faster, also might look better (work
better with normal mapping)
add more burned ground textures so more variety?
sunrise by far has best color, can I make normal day color that and make sun rise/sunset even more extreme?
calculate fov needed for shadow map light pass - right now hardcoded to 5.0 (could be smaller in many situations)
could also calculate frustrums individually
calculate near/far z values actually needed?
could go through all draw objects/tiles and build bounding box
new far z is culling things when big hills
should RenderingState::setUseTextureAlpha be per texture?
rendering shadowmap to MSAA applied framebuffer?
overhead icons sort behind a lot of things
would be nice to fix graphics issue on parallel surfaces from light
phased mutation makes you not draw in houses? (Mandark) - Mikl character
resolution change issue with GTX 1060/1070s?
defaulted to 1176px instead of native 1080 resolution
There's an odd stretching happening on rock textures. If you look at the steam page video, around 0:51, you'll see a
bridge or something ie. a rocky texture getting stretched oddly by the random hill algorithm. Would it be possible to
prevent this kind of thing? Rocky textures like that should probably just stay at the same height. (Bluddy)
could make these flat if I wanted to
When a monster becomes huge due to being near a totem (e.g. undead), the change should be animated rather than
immediately applied. Shrinking/growing animations should apply to them as well as to getting/losing Giant stature
for the player. (Bluddy)

projectile magnet - changes all projectiles targeting you into homing - Textures/Icons/Skills/Enrage.tga, increases resistances?
Bug: "Mutate from existing character" copied my current character over the one I was using to mutate from. (Koztic)
I was playing with my brother over the internet and just before this happended to me. His character had this happen first. So we left the game to confirm that this other character was gone and was now a copy of the character he was playing, it was. We started a new game to play with our same characters. I level as I joined his game. I note this because I went to look at my "spell book" and all my skills were gone. All I had was a basic mana regen. I crtl+alt+del, ended task to hope that it wouldn't save.
At this point my brother had to go so I made a game. All my skills were back, and seemed normal. before I started this game I copied all my character files to make backups. I then went to test the "mutate from exsisting character". Sure enough, it copied my current character over the one I wanted to mutate from.
As I said I have the .chr and .his for all my characters just before I tested. Let me know if you want any of the files.
this mutation i got goes specificly to raise dead skill it its "minor fire embument [form aura] " raise dead " " ive had
it for a while now i dont know what aura its talking about so perhaps im messing up there but i have set to see fire
imbued on any of my minons including the dead i raise (blightfang)
A character that changes and gets scarred over time is such a wonderful concept. I *love* how my warrior is afraid of Orcs
because he died to them so many times. More of this kind of thing, both good and bad, would be amazing, making every
character unique. (Bluddy)
The vulnerability to elements mutations could be made to have a chance of spawning when you die and have that element on
you. e.g. Die while poisoned = vulnerable to poison. Die while on fire = vulnerable to fire. etc. (Bluddy)
The explanation in-game isn't good because it's too technical. (major mutation) (Bluddy)
the percentages make the explanation too heavy. It should be something like 'When you choose to mutate, every skill that
has no points in it has a chance of changing to one from the target tree, or even changing to one from a random tree!'.
would it be possible to have a character option that gives fewer opportunities for major mutations? As in, once every 4-5
levels you get a point or get the option to mutate (following the advice of part a above). (Bluddy)
could move mutation points over to normal level and don't get any from winning a scenario
Each time you major mutate, you use up more mutation points. This discourages overly-mutating.
You can only get 1 negative trait every X (say, 10) character levels, unless that trait is removed, in which case you may get another negative trait. X should be based on however many negative skills it's reasonable to have based on the max skill limit (which ideally could be raised anyway )
Removing a trait costs more skill points each time you do it.
Those skill points don't come back.
some kind of easy mode that none of this applies to
lost concentration:speed after full mutation - SkillBurstOfSpeed (Westwind)
maxed at 80 skills
didn't properly protect when adding skill from mutated level?
because a linked skill?
was a full mutation

I'm assuming we'll eventually see some text when talking to people. Will we? I love that they thank us when we give them a
weapon, but I'd love them to also have bits of text as before, so there's a feel of a real person there. (Bluddy)

Leprechauns should have a skill enabled after they steal from you, where they start a visual effect implying a countdown.
If you don't get them within 10 seconds, they disappear for good with your money. (Bluddy)
if light turned off chance they will attack?
so can get into fights about lights that can lead to wars, battles, new enemies, etc
chance to add hate
let monsters accidentally hurt others which can lead to random fights, wars, etc (Bluddy)

need more cross quest stuff - monster kills nemesis & becomes new nemesis
monster works his way up to nemesis, clan, etc
Occasionally I get worlds where I keep getting spammed with unique monsters to kill nonstop, making it almost
impossible to finish all the required quests. (Varkon)
not sure how this happens, need a save game for this

*Slowdowns/fps issues/optimization*
still too many hitches

I think a compromise would be to allow getting quests with the old universal interface, but filter out those that aren't
available b/c for example the warmaster is dead. (Bluddy)
While you're at it, you can also filter out redeeming the quests that you can't get reward for because the warmaster is
The new combo multiplier on the interface could use a help message in the tutorial to tell players how it works and why
it is there. (Castruccio)
Right now I have 14 minions but plan for more. Only 10 show up on the left hand side of the screen. (Mandark)
make them autosize like do for bags?
secrets still show up on map easily
make won town screen more interesting
count up to quests completed on win screen?
coolest item found?
more cool info
add a dropdown box like Kivi so modded specialties will work on new character and mutate special screens
automatically? (treborx555)
be able to sort characters? name, level, timestamp, etc. - drop down sort type?
info.sortString - sort( infos.begin(), infos.end(), InfoSortNameCompare() );
info.sort - sort( infos.begin(), infos.end(), InfoSortValueCompare() );
if ( Math::isOdd( sortType ) )
std::reverse( infos.begin(), infos.end() );
a little button ui rework to blend better?
UI scale option?
useUiScale, xJustify, yJustify for menu scaling, do for game common
add shadow quality option
I started having spell casting troubles again... I think each time I press the key to cast a spell it starts the
animation, but the animation is reset when I press the key again, spending my mana each time I mash the button but
never completing the spell. I kinda have the habit of maching the button several times to get the spell to cast. (Fulano)
I got a prompt from another clan to declare war on a third party and no matter how many times I rejected or ignored the offer,
it kept repeating so I couldn't do relations at all. (Varkon)
I have seen this before, but I can never reproduce when I want to look at it
if right click on gate while trying to attack monster it does nothing
give option to attack non-clan NPCs? (Zombasite and DL) (blightfang)
can click on a gate sometimes and be perfect distance to not be able to use it but won't approach either
Terrain. It's too rough in some areas and really F's up pathing. The times I have a clear sight to attack and nothing
happens are many. It becomes a chore to play when you have to maneuver around that much. (Mandark)
I have a skill bound to my mouse 5 button. If it is an attack, such as an arrow skill, it repeats even when moving. I'm
unable to stop it unless I cast a different spell. (Mandark)
did I add ability to move guards around in Zombasite, if I did it seems to be broken
Worlds could have info about how many hero deaths died there, or how many quests were left pending. (About hero deaths, I'm
thinking about one specific world where a nemesis was waiting with friends in a small dungeon cave... killed two Hardcore
characters already and would be good to have a reminder of which world that one was in the future) (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
Expanding the parenthesis above, maybe the ability to write a paragraph about an abandoned world? "Remember the Orc
Warlord and it's Lightning spell", or something like that. That would be cool, specially sending problematic worlds to
other players (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
Regions need visible info when you are choosing one of them, about their uniqueness. (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
You probably have this on your task list already, but the buttons on the menus talking to NPCs could really use some
alignment. They really look weird all having different sizes. (Bluddy)
Well, can we please improve the feedback for it? The flashing is so annoying. (Bluddy)
For an infected NPC, flash the icon twice, then leave it on for 20 seconds or so. Repeat. Hopefully this will reduce the
annoyance -- the flashing icon just reminds you once in a while. (Bluddy)
For low health, the convention established in modern games is to tint the whole/boundary are of the screen red (rapid
alpha modification) when you get hit. No need to do this with every hit, but perhaps for the big ones. See here. (Bluddy)
A massive hit for a big chunk of your HP, even when you're starting with high HP could do the same thing, perhaps in a
weaker color. (Bluddy)
Zombasite would be helped by a similar fix with a green tint, as can getting poisoned. (Bluddy)

ego items can change to imprint items if they are equipped?
imprint items (soulbound?) - Dr Strange cape item, like ego, but better, can only have 1, once equipped can never get rid of it,
won't drop on death, they gain more & more enchantments & the enchantments ger more powerful over time?
be cool to have a chance to add random skills on ego items when ego items level up. (Destro*)
cloth cap not in correct place on head
player torch doesn't stay lit
2nd most important: Item modifiers for armorMult, damageMaxMult, damageMult and attackAndDamageMult build up over levels.
This doesn't entirely make sense though. A level 100 item can have a +300% damage modifier (possibly more than 1!), on
top of any damage boost and other things it may have! These modifiers should probably top out at +100-120% or so (perhaps
even less, to account for stacking?), and there's no real reason to tie them to levels so closely: a level 20 item could
still benefit from a +80% modifier just as well as a level 90 item could. In my mod, I halved the base and perlevel, and
maxed them out at level 50, which means any time after 50 you can get these modifiers. (Bluddy)
Some of the older proc item modifiers are set at 7.5%, which, when you get hit many times (as happens), means you're
firing these things all the time. Reducing them to 3% should do the trick. (Bluddy)

Local multiplayer still suffers from frequent crashes. (Mandark)

effect and sound when find a semi permanent status effect - name these something

change hair color and style doesnt have to be character customization just a little button on the side for 1 or 3 types of
hair color be all.
I was wondering if it would be possible for the devs to implement some sort of history/story for your player. (MegaHeat)
Right now when you look at past heroes who died (playing hardcore or semi hardcore) it just shows the most notable
baddie you fought and maybe some equipment you have. Would be nice for a bit more to be remembered like a story for
your hero.
Example, listing past nemesis you defeated (last 5 or so if worries of a long list), and the town you were defending, a
most notable enemy per level you completed (again limited to a set number to keep list manageable), list of monsters
that defeated you (semi hardcore mode), amount of gold player had at time of death, total gold, equipment worth,
classes switched to via mutation, etc.
Just something to read when looking at your past heroes.
edit: Also a link to the bestiary screen for the hero, which could show number of kills for each creature he encountered.

LOL I have a forking net trap skill and even though it says it only does 1 - 1 damage sometimes it does absolutely MASSIVE
damage for no reason (Someone64)
like i can use it to kill gates in 1 hit
now that i think about it it might be the forking part procing
I'd really like to see a Meteor skill somewhere. (Mandark)
a few fireball types of things that come in from above and hit cursor position, random start height and random xy offset, so
different pattern each time
earthquake should add a rattled effect (attack and cast speed debuff) - spell & natural versions
Passive bonuses on linked skills (like the focus skills) do not activate on skill usage. For example, if you get
focus damage first and then focus armor later, if you then get a passive ability on focus armor later, it will
say that the skill is not leveled. (Destro*)
riposte not working after parry?
can no longer get rid of basic skills?
wall of fire
add some basic skills that add mana/mana regen to strength (for warrior types), dexterity or vitality (for rogue
have a hard time regening enough mana
edit: Champion is not increasing damage of Earthquake. ( (Destro)
1st pic it isn't active, second it is. (You can tell by comparing character sizes, also my champ buff is level 33... should be 750% more damage... guessing its probably only programmed to work on attacks... but nothing about the spell indicates its attack only)
Also, I've got the raise dead ability. Periodically the monsters I raise are halfway in the ground rather than walking on
the ground. (Fulano)
losing armor/weapon skills that are being used? (Sarah)
I mutated chainmail on my class who couldnt use it in general, while wearing chainmail it ended up um being removed
while in use which turned them red and made them "disapear" as from being on they were equiped but werent see able and
stats didnt apply simular to Depths when your stats change an item turns unuseable
can't reproduce and code seems fine

in The Misty Hills but not labelled on map anywhere
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
all fort blocks need to be adjacent/connected, can't add or remove a fort block that breaks adjacency
need to make map edges less straight
clan level not marked well
raid gate not going to correct level all of the time?
getting scouted all of level before done (goes across multiple levels)

had to go back through secret gate to a secret level to get it on map
going to a little secret area had gate back on map but was normal gate texture
make some secret gates harder to see or add some variety of effects
more secret effects - so some variety with the secret portal
will a torch break if something is knocked on to it?
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around
make other fires blow out with high wind?
does door breaking have good effect?
volcano should do explosion & leave lava when projectile hits (instead of just lava)

rolling flames down hallways from explosions? flame wave type of thing but doesn't get larger - goes toward whoever triggered
Traps such as Fire Traps or Net Traps are invisible when behind trees that have been made transparent due to the
player character passing behind them. (Paul Debrion)
strange portal - looks like secret portal, but trapped (explosion or spawns enemies)
some doors have trap that shuts & locks them after you walk through
need effect when destroying fire/ice projectile monster traps
hidden crossbow trap? (just shoot a bolt from random location that can see player position)
volley of them would also be cool
I've had a cave-in happen in an open area. Not sure if it's supposed to be able to happen. (Bluddy)
probably trap - TrapGroundBoulder - should happen in tower or ruin either

*Environment interactions*
drips on water have chance of spreading that water

The player hosting had weapon effects turned on, I had them turned off. When I joined the server the weapon
effects turned back on. (Fulano)
need to send to server and apply to clients?
The game was quite laggy, even though we've both got a good ping. Other soldak games work great, but in
Din's Legacy there were frequent delays, monsters jumping around, etc. (Fulano)
Also, it'd be nice to be able to trade crafting materials with other players. (hella)
And being able to start a new scenario at any time (i.e. not just after winning) in multiplayer without kicking the other
player(s) out would be nice, too. (hella)
In multiplayer, we are not able to see eachothers waypoints. It would be useful to see each other's manual
waypoints and quest target searches. (Varkon)
could do like 1 waypoint from each other person
The local multiplayer is still unstable. It's somewhat better than it used to be but still a problem (joiner gets the
boot at random moments). I guess I should ask if others have had similar experiences (local or internet)? (Mandark)

*New stuff*
fix player clan gate on gate map
gaseous form is still overpowered (Destro*)
there aren't enough good sources of elemental/arcane resistance that can be acquired on the skill tree (Destro*)
fireworks boost happiness for the townspeople? (Dragonface)
maybe a large aura, rare to trigger but effect lasts a while
In each scenario where there is a bulletin board it shows texture of character model
I had a 'kill your nemesis' win condition. However a couple of minutes into the scenario something other than me killed my
nemesis. This caused me to fail the scenario, even though the loss conditions were not met (loss of steward, apothecary &
warmaster). I have no doubt you have set up a failsafe (error handling? exception handling? Code is rusty...) so that
situations where neither condition is met and the scenario cannot be completed result in a loss. Can I suggest you change
this to default to a win, for the player's sake. (Throwback)
Acid is still one of the game's worst mechanics. It damages armour, thus penalizing melee (which is probably fine given
how strong melee is this time round). However, what makes it really bad is that it's *invisible* under a lot of ground
cover. I don't know if you will have to recode things significantly, but damn this is an infuriating 'quirk' that could
use a fix. I assume it's hard to do since it was also a significant issue in zombasite. This is absolutely a 'pain
point' and I think it's worth doing the work. (Throwback)
For the next patch, unless already fixed, would you please have the Town's people heal themselves at the healing alter/stone? I think it's silly for the Town's People to run around town with half the health when there is a healing stone not to far away. (rainbow)
make them more likely to do activities when not full health - more likely to go near healthstone
I just had a Town Protector scenario where as soon as I spawned into the new world, I instantly won the map. Kinda odd. (Carnage)
Happiness: Give us a way to modify/improve it or just remove it altogether. It's exceptionally frustrating to have to hope and pray you get a useful NPC with "Hates Zombies" or "Hates Dogs" to keep that happiness up because we don't have realistic ways of managing it. (KafkaExMachina)
other clan gate blue on minimap and red on world map
Sometimes Armor of Faith skill didn't activate the mutation (stone skin). (Varkon)
Sometimes a dungeon is not quite in the right area. It will be in the next area, instead of the area mentioned in quest list. (Varkon)
Sometimes when I start a new area, my party member will not be in my party anymore and when I find him/her, I cannot make them rejoin party. (Varkon)
I'm still getting an instant victory on occasion. I noticed it with Raiders challenge for sure. (Varkon)
I saved and quit a game at the start of a Gladiator challenge, but when I reloaded save, no monsters showed up the whole time. (Varkon)
All the summons that only last 60 seconds should be permanent like the skeletons etc. or at least longer than a minute. (Varkon)
In multiplayer, there should be a way to link an item in chat so others can see that epic loot you got. (Varkon)
Death Rune skill is still too long a reuse time, should be 1 second like the other AOE spells. (Varkon)
Made a new character , just to be sure to get all the new things. (lbhgaming)
Upon creating a new world , it crashed to desktop. Edit : Working on the second go , though.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy

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shadow mapping?
now getting knockback from explosion & radius damage & radius damage coming from parent position instead of projectile/
explosion position
only shows 40 skills on choose mutation partner screen
set up arrow anim variants?
remove extra knockback from DevastatingBlow
better status effect print on skills
hits up to 4 extra nearby enemies should move to target section
add skill icon to highlight text like item?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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monster icons might look better with alpha
quests showing up with green * and v
could do shadows in small chunks - setup a frame buffer, render scene to frame buffer (only depth) from light's perspective,
draw scene per light/angle, use depth buffer & light, if can't see pixel alpha 1.0 of can 0.0, alphaTest to skip drawing,
adds to stensil buffer, then draw screen rectangle - blend black texture only where stensil is set (can I do on projected
shadows to speed up?)
monsters that hate each other might prioritize attacking each other over player
_ destroys Black Death (I did but no clan name)
can't turn on brazier in Gloomy Caverns
shadows go crazy every once in a while in cave
riposte not working after parry?
in last man standing one of them basically got stuck in adventure behavior i a dead end - would walk around but would
never leave that block
gaining a mutant level scares everyone away temporarily? big morale drop?
maybe explosions should have some knockback just not as much?
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
healthstone/lifestone should regen stamina
maybe do shadow mapping above ground and projected shadows below?
fire chance has chance of burning (fire dot like deep wounds)
ice damage has chance of wet, frost, or frozen?
killed frozen enemy shatters - chance of leaving ice & no deady body
torch spots have collision tiles so can't walk through spot even after destroyed
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around

better environment interactions
Strong wind should disperse things like poison clouds & fire (tornado skill, wind traps, etc)
does water go to ice if hit with cold damage?
poison clouds should explore when hit by fire?
fire + water = steam (fog like cloud, short time)
water barrels?
electricity can go along water?
change random torch random damage to a spark that works like volcano but much smaller & less range
fire causes smoke, works like fog?
fog in level needs to work like fog object
if on steep hill liquid more likely to keep going?
can weather lightning hurt?
should it be like an explosion at target point?
weather lightning would be cool of it was small damage but decent knockback
rain gives wet status effect (more lightning damage, less fire)
intact house should keep you from rain?
drips on water have chance of spreading that water
ice bomb has chance of leaving ice
lava flow from volcanos
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-20-2018, 06:01 PM
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new stuff
ai should run to noise location not add enemy to hate list
do I spawn far enough out?
water on ground + fire = steam
fire out out with water = smoke
both block vision + attack/defense debuff, steam goes away quicker
lava + water/cold = steam (lava stays)
if 2 points are same height random which one liquid goes down
liquid slowly goes down hill? and pools?
more breakable objects? esp in dungeons
webs should just attach to player & slow down instead of getting in way?
steam also makes things wet
blocks will slowly regrow
do I change seasons ever?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks
burned areas makes monsters more aggressive
what can affact weather?
tornados/lightning have chance to start storm?
blocks grow back faster in rain
rain scroll? treasure map with rain drop on it
saurians like rain, dark elves like night, dogs louder at night
nightmare - crazy respawn at night - nightmarish/of nightmares
some monsters might flee area or uprising disband because of weather
falling rocks should be immune to falling rocks
storms can spread or move?
reptiles hate snow
destroy a manastone get a BreakableEnergyVortex?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-21-2018, 06:43 PM
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new stuff
all basic skills should give you some bonus for skill levels
is world size working?
way to never miss messages?
don't leave screen until you hit x
recent messages box that you can clear?
remove new colorized textures of human & mutated models?
Marked for Death (Powerstrike) - stats are crazy with Powerstrike at level 1 - SimplePerLevel problem?
should lose certain scenarios if die
got hell storm and fire strike on whirlwind (both suffix?)
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-22-2018, 06:01 PM
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new stuff
minor darkness penalty, darkness penalty, and major darkness penalty
attack, defense, perception, and casting penalties
normal night - minor
really dark cave/dungeon with no extra lights - major
nearby light sources helps
do this for player & npcs, player every second, npcs every 5 or so
more light from player increases monster aggression range though
night vision/ultravision adds light from player perspective but not monsters
put green enhancement dots on darkness penalty
do ambushes automatically add player as enemy? do they go through full sight time? should they immediately look for enemies?
when snowing get cold buff - increased fire resistance
remove stamina as a test
TrapWaterBig not spreading
verify mipmaps are created well
draw logo with a shadow so stands out a little better?
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-23-2018, 06:08 PM
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new stuff
can I add 0.02 chance of yellow mold hazard to all zombies? yes in archetype
do traps that affect all in range get all entities in range n squared times?
liquid bug
spawnObject TrapAlcohol
hit with whirlwind
spawnObject EmptyVial
can't pick up alcohol
need to stand still to throw ice bombs and other similar things
make logo smaller?
make TM on logo smaller
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-26-2018, 06:15 PM
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new stuff
need to add some skills to models list
skills need way to modify model (probably simple attachment)
for dungeons could just draw shadows from a static sun position that would simplify it a lot & still look good
could pick different angle per map but that might be weird
I have (had) a possesed NPC, and I got a victory condition. (ibitato)
I went ahead with the game, and now the NPC is still possesed and there are no quests or anything to cure the NPC.
It's the only NPC i have on the clan
logistic victory food probably
sings still have prefix/suffix in them for town
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-27-2018, 05:55 PM
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new stuff
hook up energyShield.wav
make other fires blow out with high wind?
storms need random wind gusts with sound
wind gusts do knockback?
anything of a certain size causes earthquakes/screen shakes on footsteps (based on weight?)
less earthquake, more screen shake
automatically change to heavy footsteps if over certain weight?
ghosts or liches can smoke move? (turn into smoke move really fast and can go through objects)
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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Old 03-28-2018, 06:11 PM
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new stuff
I encountered a wrong location in the quest description. (Tyakraman)
In the region "Remnants of Iulia of Acid" were two dungeons, the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1" and the "Lost Pit lvl 1".
The quest "Kill the Tiny Mud Amorph hunter" said, that the monster was to be found in the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1", but when I couldn't find it and pinged its location, a marker was placed in the "Lost Pit lvl 1" (the "v" marker still pointed to the wrong location though).
Chain lightning targeting bug(?) (Romløk) this has been on the Zombasite list, just moved it over
I've been trying out a lightning build, and from what I can tell the Chain Lightning spell doesn't work as I'd expect. I'm not sure if it's WAI or not, but the current behaviour feels unintuitive:
I would expect the lightning bolt to hit the initial target, then bounce to another in the vicinity of that target. Instead, it seems to only chain to other targets (enemies, breakables) which are near to the player's location.
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
demon invasion scenario not having enough demon problems
attack/radar fix too much change?
when critter changes direction could do something fancy - run away from player, fire, towards obelisks, etc
rats run towards dead bodies & away from fire
bats fly away from light
spiders follow giant spiders
small chance yellow mold zombifies monster exposed
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy
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