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Old 04-01-2009, 02:16 PM
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Default Episode 22: Losers Club

In the torchlight’s flicker, Lorimer the Sorcerer frowned at the contestants. "You may have noticed Gorm’s absence this morning. He has been sacrificed to the island and is out of the game. Dedrick was spared by viewers, this time. Five of you have survived the island, but that can’t last. This week two of you will be sacrificed."

The players gasped.


"I am very happy being back on the show, especially since I was the first off the island. Now I can redeem myself, if I survive. It’s incredible how dangerous this island really is. I was shocked and upset when Nessa died. Stranger yet, why didn’t the sandman try to kill her? They eat people as well as animals.

"Not that Nessa didn’t have skill. She did. She was more capable of surviving than most. The island took her, really took her.

"I’m going to do everything I can to stay off the altar. Maybe with Christina out of the picture, I’ll have a better chance. Last time I poured 100% into the game. This time, I’m going to go until I break, but I won’t leave without a fight. I’m going to win this thing."


Lorimer nodded and continued. "That’s right. It’s Double Elimination Week. The Immunity Challenge will be played as usual, but today’s challenge will result in three of you being place on the altar. Only two of you will be safe."

"The game is called Loser’s Club and to find the losers you’ll be playing Earth-Water-Fire."

"I know that game!" Ranzkin (gnome) said.

Dedrick (centaur) scratched his head.

"On the count of three, you and your opponent make the hand sign for earth, water or fire. Earth beats water, water beats fire, and fire beats earth." Ranzkin smiled. "I always beat my sisters back home."

"Ock, aaer, sissors!" Paige (zombie) said.

"What?" Lorimer asked?

William (werewolf) snapped his fingers. "It’s Rock-Paper-Scissors."

"I’ve never heard of that game," Kailen (fairy) replied. "But I have heard of Earth-Water-Fire."


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"Fine, fine," Lorimer continued, waving the others to silence. "These are the hand signs." He made his hand into a fist. "Earth." Next he held his palm flat. "Water." Last he held his hand sideways and wiggled his fingers. "Fire. Does everyone understand?"

The contestants nodded. Lorimer glanced over a scroll. "The first two will be Ranzkin and Kailen."

Ranzkin and Kailen faced each other. "Ready?" the gnome asked. Kailen nodded once. They made fists with one hand and hit the palm of the other, counting as they went. "One, two, THREE!" Ranzkin chose water, Kailen chose earth.

"Earth absorbs water," Lorimer said. "Kailen wins!" Ranzkin, you are out of this competition and on the altar. Next up is Dedrick and Paige.

Dedrick moved across from Paige but kept his distance. He hadn’t completely forgiven her rampant attack earlier in the season. He nodded in her direction and she blinked, then they began the count. "One, two, THREE!"

Dedrick picked earth, and Paige, fire. Lorimer said, "Fire burns earth. Paige wins! Dedrick has joined Ranzkin on the altar. One more will go on the altar."

"Who will I go against?" William asked.

Lorimer consulted the scroll. "Kailen."


"Gorm is gone. Wow. It’s weird being the last from Tribe Kivi. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing – because Tribe Depths members won’t worry over a Kivi alliance, or if it’s a bad thing – because no one is on my side.

"Getting near the end of the game all of the alliances fall apart. It starts coming down to who you want to stand against in the end.

"I can’t believe I have to play Earth-Water-Fire twice when I’m the last Kivi player! Why doesn’t Paige have to go twice? Since she won last week’s immunity, I think that’d be fair. No use complaining though. I don’t get a say in the game, I just have to win it no matter the odds."


The werewolf sat to be closer to the fairy. "Ready?"

"It’s now or never," Kailen said, then they counted, "One, two, THREE!" William had fire while Kailen chose water.

"Water smothers fire," Lorimer said. "Kailen wins. William, Dedrick and Ranzkin are on the Loser’s Club Altar. The viewers will choose one of you to be sacrificed, leaving the island and the game.


Someone is being sacrificed! Who will leave the island during Double Eviction Week? Vote Contestant 1 for Ranzkin the Gnome. Vote Contestant 2 for Dedrick the Centaur. Vote Contestant 3 for William the Werewolf. Vote Now!
Delilah Rehm
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Old 04-03-2009, 08:59 AM
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When Steven looked over this episode, he yelled across the house, "Water beats everything!" I yelled back, "Stop ruining my game!" It was funny.
Delilah Rehm
Writer for Soldak
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