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Old 09-03-2019, 07:40 PM
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*New stuff*
I think the Berserk skill's debuff should stack: the more you use it repeatedly, the lower your defense goes. Otherwise, I can just keep using it all the time, and it's fast too. Alternatively, it should have a cooldown. (Bluddy)
When collecting mana/health in empty flasks, often the equipment tab will overlap the mana/healthstone making it awkward to even bother collecting hp/mana in empty flasks. (beatsh4ck)
Would it be possible to have the equipment tab not in the center of the screen?
uprisings in a small level like a road can have problems spawning (Logorouge)
lots of people getting this
basilisk uprising quest Kurt.chr/Bleakpeak.wld (kon345)
might not have a single spawn point in level
Snow weather effect lower fps so much and makes the game laggy my spec ( 1080/16gb ram/ i7 6700 ) (Hobgoblin)
Left clicked on 4 (gravestones) so far. Nothing, Under 'Robber' still shows 0 graves raided. (Jaeger99)
make sure is working correctly - As title, I have no idea how to get sudden death kills. I have a few but when I
actively try to get them I cannot. Tried ranged and melee attacks+skills from stealth and not stealth. Doesn't seem to
work. What is the trick to them? (Major Twitch)
soldak, any chance we can get a percent explored indicator somewhere? for all the explorers out there! (henzor)
I honestly can't tell if Sonic Blast is working with passives that modify projectile damage or speed (foolishwtf)
killing an unrelated clan makes you lose diplomacy mode (chesse20)
When I try to shoot poison arrow, while I stand still with the left mouse button. It fires a normal arrow when there is no target. (Dr. Freeman)
how low level does possessed spawn? (davidb11)
duel opponent wasn't in level, had 2 level names overlapping, gate on map was out of bounds (Reifam)
New World is a Duel, but I am trapped on top of the gate in a dark cave and cannot move. (davidb11)
btw, the keybindings has a minimap key (tab by default). Is it supposed to do nothing? (DinoMC)
I found out the 'upgrade' functionality by pure luck (reading forums) (Swal)
I also have noticed another remmant from Zombasite- when you pick up sounds, game plays eating sound even when you don´t use it, as in Zombasite you would automatically use food item when you collected it. But not there. (Reginald_CZ)
When I was doing non-perm runs, I'd flick between Prayer and Focus: Damage to quickly buff it to 200% (combo) (DestroTheGod)
Pain Delay + Bloodthirst doesn't seem to work together (Swal)
just demonic controlled a bulletin board... cool beans (DestroTheGod)
I'm 100% sure the forced mutation is buggy right now with how many wasted points I've had. (Ishiga) // I did my new favorite lightning strike build, which I love because you get all of the overpoweredness of melee in the form of a ranged multi-target ability.
lightning blade too powerful?
I just had a town where I picked up like 3 entertainers, but the only one that seemed to be adding to the happiness was the one in my party. (Waku)
Also people seem to agree that crafting isn't explained well in terms of boosting weapon power. (Bluddy)
There are NPCs who cannot be recruited to your town, but can join your party. Except if they join your party, they also join your town. So you just dump your current NPC and get the new one into your party and he joins your town anyway. (Bluddy)
My apothecary is stuck with a talk icon over her head. Talking to her doesn't make it go away. (Bluddy)
your change to make Contact with other clans free in the trade screen makes it so that you can buy all contacts for free. An unintended side effect I imagine? Makes it suuuuper easy to offload items for gold now, hehe (DestroTheGod)
bug #2, please make lightning strike prioritze targets under cursor over puddles of water (DestroTheGod)
Seems like there's no instruction in the game how to get rid of Zombasite. Unlike in Zombasite itself, there should be a tooltip explaining what works against the infection. (Bluddy)
open a town door and move, blip on map will disappear
changling change takes a while to trigger when has taken enough damage already
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, Din's Legacy, & Drox Operative 2
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