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Old 03-21-2011, 09:55 PM
menscher menscher is offline
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Default Fire mage complaint: invisible explosions

Casual newcomer to DC, also got the expansion, and a real fan so far. Have dabbled with a few characters, mostly getting them to 30's or 40's then start a new one. Really great game.

Currently playing a lvl 32 pure fire mage, it's a difficult build but mostly very fun to play.

But one thing is incredibly annoying and unfair: these invisible dungeon explosions after a fire spell that happen totally without warning and insta-kill the character. This is NOT the cave-ins, those are bad enough but at least you have a second to see them coming and get out of the way.

The explosions I'm referring to happen once in a while just after casting fireball or maelstrom, you hear a little click and then bam, enough damage to kill me if I'm at less than about 2/3 health. Guessing it's some dungeon element that invisibly explodes from the fire. But it's seemingly unpredictable, and therefore impossible to defend against.

Probably HALF my deaths are due to these little click explosions. This is an extremely aggravating and unfair way to die, it's not fun or challenging, just tedious.

I understand the concept that fire mages have built-in danger associated with the spells... and the cave-ins, exploding barrels, etc work well for that. But these invisible gas explosions or whatever are pointless. A fire mage is already a VERY fragile character to play without dying frequently... so these explosions are a really bad game element imo.

And if i'm missing something here, let me know!
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