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Old 12-13-2021, 07:09 PM
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Default Bug reports and suggestions

bug Quest locations:
I have had a rare number of occasions where a quest says the objective is in a particular system but then when i arrive there and use the search for objective function the text tells me the objective has been marked in neighboring system. Sure enough when I go to that system the objective mark is there and so is the objective.

bug Fighter shields:
Fighters have shields but these have no regeneration. The regeneration should not be much but it should be more than zero. The only way to regen fighter shields seems to be using consumables or ancient recharge stations.

bug Inventory hot keys:
sometimes when sorting your components your hotkey items will change if then item moves within your inventory. For example you have a nanite repair bound to a number key and then you use the autosort function in your inventory and the nanite repair is replaced on the hotkey bar with something else like a chip or a crew member in your inventory.

suggestion Challenge sectors:
The fact that challenge sector progression is tied to individual characters is annoying. It means if I start a new ship that I might want to use in later challenge sectors I have no choice but to do the early ones that I have already done before with other ships which is very repetitive. This may not be possible but it would be better if your overall challenge sector progress was stored globally and whether you have completed an individual sector (and earned a bonus chest) stored on the character.

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Old 12-13-2021, 08:24 PM
Morte Morte is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 8

bug Weapon linking:
normally if you left click on a container to open it the weapon bound to left click will not fire. If you have any weapons linked to this those weapons will still fire though potentially destroying the container. If the container is actually a trap that cannot be fired on then no weapons will fire allowing you to tell the container is actually a trap.
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