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Old 06-11-2020, 12:02 AM
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Default Victory Points

I'd like to lay out what I think the victory point structure could be like for the game. Why victory points? Well, I think having victory conditions that push you to care about the 4x layer elevate the game, whereas the current victory conditions generally push you to do more mundane activities. This system is compatible with the current victory conditions, however.

At the start of the game, you have 10 minutes before the Drox Guild asks you to choose a mission to commit to. The guild gives you 3 mission options, of which you must choose at least one. At any point, you can contact the guild to commit to another mission. The missions get rotated over time, so you can't be sure a mission you saw earlier will stick around. The most missions you can commit to at once is 3. Once you finish your mission, you get the victory points. Finish all your missions, and if you haven't won yet, the guild will contact you to choose another mission out of a random 3. (This system should sound pretty familiar to the mission system from Ticket to Ride).

If you win a mission, you get a certain number of victory points. If you lose it, you lose those victory points. Missions cannot be dropped except by losing them (you can choose to lose the mission and take the VP hit at any time). To win a sector, you need 10 victory points. Higher levels could increase the required number. Missions are categorized into easy, medium and hard, with the harder missions giving more points. Easy and hard missions spawn more rarely than medium ones.

Easy missions (1 VP)
- Explore 30 planets.
- Beat 4 bosses.
- Clear out 2 systems of enemies.
- Finish 20 quests.

Medium missions (3 VPs)
- Ally with the strongest race.
- Destroy the 2nd weakest race.
- Prevent the weakest race from being destroyed.

Hard missions (5 VPs)
- Prevent Cortex from losing any planets.
- Make Drakk the strongest race.
- Create an alliance of 3 races.
- Destroy race X.

Some missions (probably the harder ones) could be timed (being quite generous with the amount of time), while most would *not*.
There's no need to stress out the player all the time more than the quest system already does, unless the player wants a lot of VPs. The player take his time to complete the missions, and when they're done, they're done. The fact that only 3 missions can be active at a time prevents a strategy of taking *all the missions* and just gaining points from the ones you happen to complete.

As an option, getting one of the old victory conditions would give you 10 VPs. This makes the system compatible with the current system.

With this system, the chance of getting a terrible mission for your current circumstance is very low. You control the amount of risk you want, and the Drox Guild missions become front and center in the game, rather than just additional conditions to not losing.

Additionally, this later opens up the option of having vs multiplayer where players have different secret missions...
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